January 11, 2014

a finished throw

Don't you just love having the feeling of love and joy when you finish a project?
This one I can finally say is finished and checked off 
my list as done!
What started out to be for my oldest child Lauren 
now belongs to my little guy, Garrett. Once finished she thought it was more for a boy so she handed it down to him and I must say...it matches his room even more so than it would in hers.
(now this gives me another excuse to make another blanket.
Details on that coming soon)

I think it matches the theme I have been working on in his room.
I have saved so many little whatknots from when he was born and have added a few little 
patchwork pillows, quilts and such to keep him all cozy in his room.
I would show you the whole room but you might faint. It's a total disaster behind me!

My favorite thing so far in his room, other than this new blanket
is the little patchwork pillow to carry his books in.
These are perfect for a day at the library.
He can carry his books he picks out and slide them into the top pocket.
I'll save more details on that in another post all of it's own.

I know I said I would share the blanket details so here they are.

Pattern can be found HERE 
I modified the pattern just a little. It says to make in the back loops only but I chose
not to do that. Mine is made in the front loops as normal when making sc.

Yarn used:
Red Heart "soft" yarn
in white, off white and navy blue.
making 10 rows total with each color.

Crochet Hook:
size ( I )

Total time to make....
2 days

Pattern rating:

If you know the simple stitches in crochet you will be able to whip this up in no time.
So easy I think I might make one in red white and blue for the 
upcoming Fourth of July!

Adding that to my list!!

I do hope you all are enjoying your weekend. 
It's a bright and sunny day today and temps
have risen to the sixties....feels sort of like Springtime..
I think I have had enough of the cold!

Happy crafting!


  1. Very nice and it looks perfect in your son's room. Your pictures always look so pretty. Enjoy your weekend. Heather

  2. It's lovely Shari and is perfect in Garretts room. Yes it is lovely to finish a project because then you have the anticipation of starting another. You made this super fast 2 days! wow you are a fast crocheter Shari sc too! I have just finished a baby throw it's tiny compared to this and it took me 10 days, I have been doing other things though. I'm about to start a chevron something tomorrow, I love working chevron patterns they are such fun to to. Have a great weekend :)xxx

    1. Thank you Linda! I think it worked up so fast is because I was sick and stayed on my behind most of my days and before I knew it...it was finished. It's just one of those patterns that takes really little or no effort to whip up. I can do single crochets with my eyes closed or while watching a movie...it was that easy!

  3. Wow Shari, how on earth do you manage to make something that big in 2 days!! You are a one woman crochet whirlwind!!! It is beautiful, and I love that Lauren gave it to Garrett, how cute is that. Hope that you are feeling better now and having a good weekend. xx

    1. Well Amy, the picture really makes it looks like it's huge but really it's a pretty average size blanket but I do have to say...it did work up pretty fast and before I knew it I was done!
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

  4. Shari, I am absolutely in love with this beautiful blanket - the colours are perfect, the drape is soft and cuddlesome and your workmanship masterly! It suits garrett's room totally and I find it incredible that you completed this gorgeous piece in two days! WELL DONE! I'd like one just like it! And BTW, you have earned the feelings of love and joy on completing yet another work of art!
    BTW again, your blog is looking wonderful! Hugs, Joy xo

    1. Ohh thank you Joy! I really love it too. I know I will be making more of these for sure. I am so happy you stop by today and I appreciate your lovely comment!

  5. Gorgeous blanket so much so I am itching to print off that pattern and have a go but I have so many half started w.i.ps that I really must control myself. I do like Red Heart yarn too! I discovered Red heart Yarn by chance as it is very difficult to get here in Spain but I did find a couple of skeins of it in one of the large supermarkets who then stopped selling it.... tch!!! Nevertheless all is not lost as Deramores an online UK store sells it now and I ordered from there.
    Colours are perfect and in two days...oh my!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thank you Amanda! I usually use cotton for most of my projects but since the colors I love are becoming more scarce I switched it up some. I find that the "white" and "cream" colors seem to be more softer in the Red Heart Yarn for some reasons but you have to be careful for some of there darker colors are very scratchy and sometimes split ( they are sort of on the dry side I guess )
      Anyways, so glad you stop in for a visit
      xx Shari

  6. A beautiful blanket and now you have the perfect excuse to start another one! ;) Best wishes, Pj x

  7. What a beautiful blanket.....perfect color combination! This gives me the inspiration to start crocheting again!

  8. I love that blanket Shari - it's very, very nice. I'm glad I found your blog again - stumbled across it a few days ago. Good to see you. :)

  9. The blanket is gorgeous Shari ... perfect with the colours in Garrett's room. Wise choice of Lauren to see where it really belonged ;) How lucky that now you get to make another blanket for her (will she choose her own colours?). I like the pieces you've shown in Garrett's room, it looks like a really cute place. Like everyone else, I'm stunned that you can whip up this blanket in two days! wow! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) Wendy x

  10. Beautiful blanket Shari. I am sure Garrett is going to love snuggling up in it. He has a darling room.

  11. Lauren is right, it is completely fit for her little brother. Well done Shari, a lovely project. Jo x

  12. Another beautiful blanket, Shari! Bravo! Joy to you and yours in the week ahead. xx

  13. LOVE, love , love this - it's so beautiful. xx

  14. You mention that you didn't go into the back loops as the pattern said, but in the front loop as normal. I always go through both, is that not what you are supposed to do?

  15. How many skeins of yarn for each color did you use? I know they don't have dye lots anymore, but I still like to get it all at the same time. Thanks, it is beautiful and so sweet to share. How proud of your Lauren for handing it to baby brother! Expecting second grand in May. Trying to be somewhat gender neutral as regardless the baby will share a room with a big brother who just turned 4. He's almost as excited as gigi (grandmom) is.

  16. My ends are uneven and the 3 sc in one stitch places are going skewampish...is that normal or is something not right