August 28, 2015



July 31, 2015

I've Moved!!! read that right!
I've have been pondering for several months with this space. Fighting with blogger to get things to work correctly and then failing to get things just so.
So today....I made the plunge.
I know some of you are new here which I am so grateful you did, but I so wish you would make a little transfer over to my new place along with some of my old faithful's that I know for sure will follow.  
I will however keep this blog open for readers to gaze upon from time to time but I will turn off the comment section. 
Hope to see you all there!!!!

July 21, 2015

Bored? Boring?? Boredom!!

This week has been a mix of pure and utter boredom. All of my whips have been put on hold as I had mention in my last post due to a little baby boy who needed a cuddly baby soft blankiee and I won the race. I managed to finish before his due date....yeah for me!!
Now what to do??
Do I go back to making my puff circles???? knowing I will get discouraged soon cause I am running out of the green wool for the border.???
Or..... do I dream through old photos to find a glimpse of inspiration. Something with soothing colors
or a hint of a new pattern???

Should I make another hexi blanket with loads of colors???  Lots of bold or soft colors???  Solids or a beautiful mix????  My mind cannot keep up.

 Should I remake my old craft room, which is now Garrett's room???  I so miss this space. A place where I can run away and call my very own! But what in the world would I do with all of Garrett's things. ( See he never sleeps in his own room....never has. To this day he still sleeps with the big bed.)  I just don't know????

 Someone or something!!!  please dig me out of this rut.

 I hope your week will be more pleasing than mine. I guess it's the way it is living in a crafty, wool making life. Is it just being bored??  boredom?? I just Boring???

sometimes I really wonder!!


July 18, 2015

knitting lately

A little bundle of joy is due any day now so all other whips have been put aside to finish before he gets here. The race is on.......



July 4, 2015

a crochet day | mini puff circles

Well, it looks as if I pulled myself out of my little pity party I had a few weeks ago. You see, I ran out of yarn almost a month ago which put me into such a depressed state. (Financial means caused my little problem) I really didn't think it was going to be all that bad. I did have other things to keep me occupied with but really, just knowing I was out of yarn made me severely sad. But thanks to a few sweet friends of mine ( you all know who you are ) I was able to dig myself free from depression.  Thank you all so much!!!

I dipped my fingers into all the pastel colors that I received...well, just about.!  I came up with a idea to make puffy little circles which later will be turned into squares to make another blanket.
Even thought we are in the middle of the most miserable heat wave, husband keeps the house so cold that I am dressed with socks and house robes, that I really don't mind working on it.

It's not really quite big enough to even call it a blanket, but will be.

Hundreds of puffs are being made with pretty greys, creams, soft yellow, mustard, and pinks. Ooooo, just look at them all!  They make me so happy. Happy. Happy. Content hours upon hours. Even some of the joining process has started, just to see how it's going to come out.
Can you see the BIG picture....the outcome is going to look so wonderful!!!

June 27, 2015

Summer Blues


Last couple of days have been slow. The heat is just too much for us. Our time has been spent mostly indoors laying around where it's been cool. I sort of feel like we went into hibernation. The house is a complete mess and so am I. No makeup for days. Hair in a messy bun. Complete lazy living. Garrett has taken over every inch of the living room with cars, trucks, trains, train-tracks, pillows, blankets, snacks, colors, and so much more.  I've knitted and baked hoping to chase these summer times blues's not working!

I'll just eat another cookie~

June 22, 2015

Quilt and Kitten

Oh, this mommy is tired. I have yawned all day. Yawn after yawn, every minute, every hour. It must be the heat or maybe my boredom. I've been longing to crochet, but not able. Did I tell you my "stash" has twilled down to NOTHING!. It's that even possible! We have been down in a financial slump lately so I haven't been able to make my monthly yarn shopping spree--sad times, so I've had to find other things to occupy myself with like quilting. Remember way back when I started this quilt, well I finally finished it. Hand quilted throughout. love. so cozy.  Now, as you can see, my quilts are not your so called fancy normal quilts with fancy fabrics. I find the scrappiest fabrics from just about~ where ever to use. The more mixed matched, the better! I also find that hand quilting is so much more relaxing than verses machine quilting. I've tried machine quilting before but my quilts always come out uneven which frustrates me so.

I've also been keeping busy with our new little addition. Way back when my when we had another kitty almost the same, and now no longer with us, I promised myself I would never have another have another in the house. But one fine day, a trip to the vet with my mother-n-law, this sweet lady who worked there came into the room and ask if I would like to have a kitten. Someone left this poor little thing in a box outside their office over the weekend with no food or water and it just broke my heart. The moment I laid eyes on her she was mine. She was only a few weeks old when she came home. Now thriving and thinks she is a human. Just look at those sweet kitty cute!

Now I'm going to finish piecing another quilt top together, much bigger than the last one and maybe dip my fingers into that basket of yarn, or at least....what's left in it.