December 11, 2013

a granny sampler

Did you ever fall in love with something that you just thought it was going to turn out just plan ugly.
Well, that's what happen when making this blanket. I really thought when adding each square that this blanket was going to turn out horrible---but I pushed on adding more and more squares, it turned out beautiful. Just the way I had imagined it from the start.

The easiest crochet stitch I have come across yet is the one used for a granny square blanket.
So many colors were used. So many colors that I normally would not have used. I tend to use more soft colors in my work but a colorful blanket was calling to me.

Using a size H crochet hook- I made several squares for days, really weeks and then added them together one by one until it reached a good size. It's not too big. It will cover a twin size bed very well or you can use as a throw. 

Since it's getting closer to the Holidays,
I'll be back soon about a jolly ole fellow


  1. I think it is simply gorgeous. Just like you my friend.

  2. It's beautiful Shari, lovely and colourful. :)

  3. What a beautiful blanket! I can't imagine it ever looking horrible but I do know what you mean about blankets going through rough patch. This one certainly recovered well though!

    S x

    1. Hi Sandra....that so much! That means a lot to me especially coming from someone who has such true talent!!
      Thanks for calling on my new blog!
      xx Shari

  4. I have lots and lots of little balls of cotton leftover from dishcloths. I plan to make a granny blanket from them soon, but first I have got to finish all of these mittens. I'm really getting tired of mittens!!! I can't wait to start a blanket just like yours.

    1. You poor thing, I know it seems you have been working on mittens for a while now but soon you'll be finished with them and you can work on something else. This blanket started off on a bad leg but I kept going and now I love it soooo much. I wrapped it up for my MIL Christmas present yesterday and I miss seeing it already.
      Hugs to you, Shari

  5. Maybe in 2014 I will make a granny square and crochet a blanket....your beautiful work inspires me to want to do just that, Shari. Thanks for posting! xx

    1. Awwww how sweet of you Gracie! I am glad you like it. I do hope you are still enjoying yours I had made. Each time I visit your blog I am always looking around in your pictures to see if I can get a glance at it!
      xoxo Shari