October 29, 2014

Newborn Knitted Jacket

 I'm back today to show you, as promised, the little newborn knitted jacket I whipped up with leftover yarn from my pullover sweater from my previous post.

I have a upcoming baby shower to attend at the end of November so what better than a little jacket for the precious newborn to wear home from the hospital.
I am thinking that a little hat and shoes would go nicely with it, don't you think!

 By looking at my choice of colors....you guessed it.....it's a GIRL!

 It's all made from baby soft yarn in white with a striped pattern in the middle, of brown, dark pink and pale pink. The brown looks almost black in this photo....so sorry.....bad lighting today. The one below will give you a better view of the colors.

I used a size F crochet hook for the collar, following  THIS PATTERN until the bottom part. That's when I switched from my crochet hook to a size 6 knitting needle to finish the body and the sleeves.
Easy Peasy!

 Adding a border around the whole entire jacket makes everything fit together nicely. 
Add buttons and little appliques if you like to add another touch.

I hope I have given a new twist on making little jacket.

see you all again soon....



October 27, 2014

White Pullover Sweater

 Hello all, it's the long lost blogger again, finally making her appearance. So sorry for such a long absence but you know how it is sometimes, when "life" just takes over and there is no time for the fun stuff. But.....I have to say, that the clouds have parted and I am in full swing again~making prettieee things and doing what I love the most....crochet!

I had a request from my oldest, that she would love to have a white pullover sweater to wear to school. She claims that the classrooms are freezing and wished to have something "warm" to keep her from shivering all day sooo~ the sweet mom as I am, this is what I whipped up for her over the weekend. Hopefully this will do the trick

I  L O V E how it turned out. From the top collar all the way down to the extra long sleeves. ( I say extra long sleeves cause they cover most of her hands....which she did not mind)  and the pattern stitch that I came up with throughout the body which I love to call the "Sweater Stitch" Maybe there is a stitch out there that is close to this one but that is what I am calling the stitch in this sweater.

 I do think as fall is coming closer and closer here in the neighborhood, I think a gray , cream  or a pretty brown might be made......just for the fun of it!

Speaking of fun......I even had my hand at this little sweater....it's crochet and knit!
Tell you all about it soon!

p. s.  Did you notice something different?  Yes, I know, The name changed here. I think it suits me better, don't you think?  Hope you all don't mind..... again.