May 6, 2015

Ohhhh, my......

.....look at all that sunshine.
It's just beaming through the windows today.
Can you just feel the warmth?
ooooohhh, so nice.
As a matter of fact, it's been this way all week.
simply  G E O R G E O U S.

It has so inspired me to start up a new project even though
I have two in the works already.
You know how it works......
you start something- it's going nicely-
a thought will pop into your head.
A idea.
One that must be started without

and so it begins
yet again!

I leave you with a few more pics
for you to gaze upon.

I've been such a shutterbug lately.
Hope you love them.
I do.

May 3, 2015

stash busting

a little bit of stash busting on this lovely Sunday
is on my agenda for today.

lovely colors of all sorts thrown in to the mix

a little snack is always a must.
I'm such a muncher!

cotton is always a favorite too.

little puffy squares are already begin joined
as I go. So~ so loving those little puffs.
This will take some time but I will get there.
....a new blanket
with a lacy border

don't you just love stash busting
Keeping it simple just relaxes me.
so that's how it will be.

gota love photo bomers !!!
talk again later