May 24, 2014

Garden Blossoms

Hi Everyone!!!!  So sorry I've been MIA lately but there has been so much activity around here with the family, I just didn't have the time to sit and write up a post. Really, I haven't even had the time to photograph a single thing until today.  We have had many birthdays this month too. My daughter turned 16 on the 13th and my sweet little boy turned 6 on the 22nd!  Yes, they are 10 years apart and their birthdays are one week apart from one another~ so you can see.....just the parties kept me extremely busy. It was also the last day of school on Garrett's birthday, so we had a double party for that. step-son had a graduation on the 19th and Lauren got her drivers license on the 20th.....she's street legal so look out!! ( I've been saying extra prayers all this week.) It's been and exciting whirlwind of a month for sure!! far as crafts go, I've only managed to finish making my blanket with all those squares I had worked on last month. The inspiration came to me in early Spring when things were just starting to sprout out and every corner you saw was just popping with color. But now the only thing in my garden are a few little roses and lots and lots of greenery.....nothing really is blooming right now~but still enjoyable!

It surely came to be a very inspirational blanket. I gave it a name cause it is waaaaaay to pretty, NOT to have a name and I've also made up the border which I like to call the garden fence border. A very pretty elegant lacy border. Each square is bordered with several rows of single crochet so each square would stand out from one another. ( I tried putting them side by side but I was not getting the look I wanted for this blanket so this is the way I went) Then each square was whipped stitched together so everything laid nice and flat. All colors where used in this blanket. Even those~not so pretty colors you may have stored at the bottom of the bucket, ( thanks Linda for that suggestion). It was a great way to use up your stash which I surely did.

Add all that up and you get a beautiful Garden Blossom blanket perfect for a garden swing, chair or just to lay upon the ground for a late evening picnic.

Nothing is more lovely!.....don't you think?

Well, that's about it for now. I so wish I had more to show you but hopefully the next few weeks I'll be able to get more done. I did notice however, that I have a few new blogging followers so I wish you all a big welcome and so happy you have taken the time to say HI!

Until next time......

xxxxx Shari