February 26, 2014

This week......

has been crazy!  
I really don't have much new to share except I finally finished the binding of a quilt I made last year! It came out......

" P  E  R  F  E  C  T "

 which rarely happens for me when binding a quilt. I always mess up on the corners....but not this time. Each one was smooth sailing!

I am also happy to report that we are having signs of Spring!!  It's still dark and dreary on most days along with a lot of rain, but it's not stopping new buds and blooms from showing new life from Winter.

 I am getting so excited now!

 I want to get out and work more in my flower beds along our fence line but I might have to wait just a bit longer. We are due for another round of freezing rain coming in over night tonight...yuck!
Even thought I have enjoy all my cozy days wrapped up in warm blankets and cozy socks, scarves,& mittens~ I think it's high time we all get a little warm weather, Don't you agree???

I did however, manage to get a few more rows on my knitting needle. I do think I am the slowest knitter in the book of records. I kept knitting and knitting and when I stand back and look...it doesn't look like I am getting anywhere. I even watched several videos on how to improve my speed but that was a flop. I guess I will forever be a "thrower" and a slow one at that.

Well I hope you all are having a lovely week. It's almost over. I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing!
Are we entitled to have days of "nothing?" Well, if not....I declare that we as mothers...have them from time to time!!!
The kids have seem to be more needy and so has the husband. Lauren's volleyball off season has started so that means late nights at the gym again and my mother gave us a little scare
Last Tuesday and she had to have a over night hospital stay. Actually, she was there until yesterday. Exactly one week. But.....I am happy to report that she is doing much better and now at home resting.
 Now it's time for me time. Doing what I love the most.

Enjoy the rest of your week too and thanks for stopping in today!
xx Shari

February 19, 2014

Something knitted

Here I am again. I switched gears and thought I would knit a little something. I started out thinking I would make a few knitted washcloths to get some practice on my knit and purl stitches but~ it turned out to be a very long scarf instead. I think it came out pretty nice...don't you think?
I even got Lauren to model it for me, which was a shocker.....

I used 2 balls of Sugar and Cream 100% cotton yarn in "Sonoma". It's a cream color with specks of natural colors mixed in....Love, love, love it!  It also has this soft squishy feeling to it which makes it even more lovely.  Now, if I would have made this crochet, it surely would not have come out the same. There is something about things 'Knitted" that I am in love with. I want to make more......
.....and that's exactly what I am doing now.
I started on another blanket but this one will be knitted. So far, it's slow growing and it might take me forever to finish. I also am unsure sure on what needle to use. I first tried with long straight needles, size 10, and it made my hands hurt. It felt heavy, so I ripped it out and started over with the only circular needle that I have. Please don't ask what size it is cause I threw the package away and I can't remember to save my life .....and..... someone, please tell why isn't the size marked somewhere on the circular  needles like the crochet ones?   and what will be a good circular needle to use to make a blanket? or ..... or you supposed to use the straight ones instead?   My circular needle might be too long but I am using it anyways for now. I think if I find better needles, I can just move my stitches onto the right ones without any trouble Please don't laugh....it's all so confusing and different and I am still learning.

Anyways,  Thank you all so much for my messages regarding Annabelle. I do think she will have some new shoes soon and maybe a little friend to keep her company. I have so many ideas on what I want to do and filling up my little notebooks with sketches with ideas for future but my mind is reeling and reeling with all sorts of possibilities. I feel like I can never catch up with everything I want to design. I have too many ideas and too little time and I overwhelm myself. I might have to work on that.
Talk again soon. Shari xx

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February 17, 2014

sweet "Annabelle"

Happy New Week everyone! Thank you all so much for leaving the most wonderful messages on my last few post. I've been having a little internet problems lately with my email and blog updates for some unknown reason so if I have not responded to your messages that is why.  One minute it all wants to work and right in the middle of me typing a reply message....all shuts down. Drove me batty!  But....all is good now....at least I hope so.

It has also been brought to my attention that I was known as a "non-reply blogger". You have no idea how this hit me.  I didn't like it at all.  You see, I am still learning after all this time- and I have been in blog-land for a few years now- that I am still unaware of all the little quirks about blogging.
I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING A NON-REPLY BLOGGER. Now I know that some of you might prefer this but I did not and what's bad is that I didn't even know about it.

Well, after a lovely sweet blogger, Linda at Linda's Crafty Corner, help me fix the problem, well at least I hope I fix the problem. Thank you Linda so much!

Anyways, moving on to other things. Little Miss Annabelle came out to play the other day when the sun was shinning and I forgot to let you all see. I love making these little bunnies as Springtime comes closer. Really they can be made year around which I have been thinking about a lot lately. I get all happy and giggly when I finish making her dresses, I've been thinking about making little accessories to go along with the dress - like little crochet shoes and necklace...whatcha think? and maybe even try to make her into a knitted bunny. Hummm...really thinking about that.

I really have been practicing on my knitting skills this past weekend. I am still a newbie! I have been making tons of rows of knits and purls to see if I can get a little faster at it. I feel as if I take forever to knit just one row...ughhhh~ so much different than crochet but loving it at the same time!

Well that's enough babble for one post. Sorry I got a little carried away. Some days I talk about hardly nothing and then others I just can't stop talking. If you meet me in person I would be the shy girl in the back of the room...you know the quite one.......not unsocialable....just quite with a smile!
xx Shari

February 14, 2014

Love is in the Air....

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2014

Another Pattern for Y O U....

Well, here it is, another heart pattern for you. I finished it this morning whoot! whoot! I know that there is all sorts of heart patterns out there and I just added another one to that list.  I wanted to make a little sachet instead of "just a heart" so this is what I came up with.

I have to tell you, I almost didn't post this tutorial. I went through this aggravated phase earlier this morning. First, after taking about a zillion photos of this little heart ( I just couldn't get it to look right) I realized that the stuffing was coming out at the top. I think if I used a smaller hook that that would fix the problem so I sat down and started making another. Right at the start, I forgot how I made it...aggggh. Then once I figured it out, the second one came out just like the first one. No No No....this will not do! No one wants to see a pretty little heart with the filler coming out of it so I tweak the pattern just a bit and now I am a happy girl again.  I even tried to make a picture tutorial but holding the camera and trying to make each one look clear for you to see exactly what I was doing was not as easy as some of you make it. It sure takes a lot of hard work and time just to make a little tutorial so my hat goes off to the ones who do this all the time. For me..this might be my last little pattern for awhile. I need a break from this.

Anyways, I stuck with it but I hate to say~ there are not any pictures. It's just a little written pattern. I do hope you all can follow along with it. It's very easy and I am please with the outcome. These make  wonderful little gifts. I've made several all ready and put one in each of my drawers in my dresser and hung a two in my closet. Each time I open them up it smell so good.



 US Terms
sc ~ single crochet
dc~ double crochet
slp~ slip stitch


any yarn of your choice
crochet hook size ( F-3.75mm )
tapestry needle
Opitional-- ribbon and buttons
Scented oils of your choice

chain two.
two sc in the first sc,
chain one. turn.
one sc in the first. two in the next.
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next, two in the last.
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next two, two in the last,
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next three, two in the last,
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next four, two in the last, 
chain one, turn.
one sc into the first, one sc into the next five, two in the last.
chain one, turn
last time...one sc into the first, one sc into the next six, two in the last.
you should have eight little rows.

 You should have something that looks like a triangle



we will be working down the side of the little triangle.

chain one. sc into the first (counts as your first sc). now work evenly six more stitches down the side.
make two sc into the point. working up the other side, make seven more sc evenly.

Now working across the top, make one treble into the first stitch and one in the next three.
slp stitch into the next.
one treble into the next four stitches, slp stitch into the little corner space.


chain one, one sc into the next sc.and in the next seven.
slp stitch, chain one, slp stitch into the point.
one sc into the next eight sc.
two dc into the next three trebles.
one sc into the next treble.

Now to make the curve of the heart to keep it's shape, make a long slp stitch into the top stitch
on the row of single crochets.
sc into the next treble
two dc into the next three trebles
sc into the next
slp stitch into the side
tie off. 

Note ::  on your second heart, leave a long tail to stitch the hearts together.


using tapestry needle and long tail end, whip stitch your hearts together,
leaving a space at the top to add your filler and ribbon. 
NOTE: the ribbon, just cut a little piece of your choice of lace or ribbon, fold in half and 
place part of it inside at the top before you stitch your heart completely closed.
Add on buttons for a little added touch of sweetness!
and....don't forget to add a drop or two of your favorite scented oil to it.
I hope you enjoy this pattern.

I have tested it several times but if you do come across something that just doesn't make since,
just let me know and I'll make the corrections needed.


Happy Valentine's Day!
and thanks so much for all my birthday wishes
you are all so kind!

February 11, 2014


Hi everyone! Did you have a wonderful weekend? 
I was feeling a little restless over the weekend. Not sure why but all I have to show you are these cute little sachet hearts that I whipped up yesterday.  I thought I would have part of another blanket to show you if I had not ripped it out six times. I hate it when I go through phases like that.  Once these little precious hearts are finished I think I might try my hand at knitting again......pretty new at it and still don't know how to make certain stitches but...going to give it another go.

Later today, Lauren and I are going to do a little Valentine shopping. I am sure I will be fighting the crowds on the "Hallmark" isle....everyone seems to buy cards at the same time and you will see every man in town holding flowers and stuff animals....it's so funny!

Also, this Thursday, I will be celebrating another birthday. Yikes....another year older. I am my mothers Valentine baby. I also have learned that many of you who follow me are also celebrating a birthday this month, so if I have neglected to tell you.....H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y...to you!

I'll be back soon with a easy sachet heart pattern

x o x o

February 8, 2014

Starburst Hexagons

Oh my goodness....I am so very thankful for all the lovely messages, comments, and emails that I received on my hexagon blanket. I was so overjoyed when I open up my blog the following day. You are all so sweet and kind....I almost cried.  " T H A N K   Y O U "

I've had several request on which pattern I used so I thought I would share with you how I made my hexagons.  I know I must have looked around on the web for weeks looking for a "pretty" hexagon and would you know.....there were sooooooo many!  The decision was so overwhelming. They all looked the same in one way or another so I thought, I would just make up one as I went.  Now~ I am sure that there might be one out there that it will resembles, so.... please don't be offended if it looks like one you've already used or seen.  This one is mine and the one I used in the blanket.

  S T A R B U R S T   H E X A G O N   P A T T E R N  ♥

Hook size.... ( F )
US Terms
Any yarn of your choice

:: Round One ::

Chain 4. slp stitch into the first to make a ring. 
Chain 4 ( counts as first treble and chain one.)
Make one treble into the ring, chain one. Repeat until you have a total of 12 trebles
 and 12 chain one spaces. 
Slp stitch into the third stitch from beginning chain 4.

Note: you may tight off if changing colors but if not just slp stitch into the first chain one space
and continue on.

:: Round Two ::

Chain three. in the first chain one space.(counts as first treble )
Make one treble into the same space, chain one.
Make two trebles in the next chain one space, chain one.
Repeat this around with a slp stitch into the top of the beginning chain 3.
{ tie off if changing colors or if not, slp stitch into the next chain one space.}

:: Round Three ::

Chain 3 ( counts as first treble )
Make two more trebles into the same space. Chain two.
Make three more trebles into the same space.
First corner made.

*In the next chain one space, make three trebles.
 In tthe next chain one space make three trebles, chain two, three trebles.*

Repeat pattern between the * around.
Slp stitch into the beginning of the first treble at the beginning of this round.
Tie off.

I tested this pattern over and over again, but if you find an error or have any questions, please let me know so I can make corrections.


February 4, 2014

Ta dah.....

.....since the weather still won't play fair, I decided to move some furniture around and find some "light" in this dark house of mine and just go ahead and photograph my finished hexagon blanket.

{ so sorry for the glare in some photos...it was hardly impossible to get any good light without the glare no matter what setting my camera was on...it's doing some serious raining out at the moment and I just couldn't wait any longer to show you}

What can I possibly say about this blanket.

It is by far my favorite one I have ever crochet. Definitely a keeper for me and a sense of accomplishment.

I've seen hexagon blankets all over the web, pinterest, other blogs, etc.. etc.. etc.. but never tried my hand at one until a few weeks ago. There was just something about these easy stitches that made each one a joy to work on. Never a dull moment. I never got bored with it. I got so excited when I joined a new color...it was pure happiness.

There are 165 hexagons total. Size is about 70x55 including the border which is just a row of sc, then a row of trebles and then another row of sc again. Very simple and happy with that.
I know I could have made a nice fancy lacy border around it but really I thought it was big enough.

Now I do wish I had more muted colors to work with.  ( All from my stash ) It's sort of a mix of bright, dark, and muted colors and joined with a dark shade of gray. { it's not black...dark gray, but you can't tell by these photos} And even sometimes when the light hits it just right~ you might even think it's a blue..
pretty pretty!

I love it in every room of the house no matter how it's thrown.
I've even used it every night so far and it's so warm and soft.
I even gave it a good washing and dried and it's even more soft than before.

♥  L o V e.....L o V e 

I even caught it in Lauren's room upon her bed but soon I snatched it back when she was at school.
I guess we will be fighting over this one until another is made.

Well, there a few more photos to look at for I just couldn't help myself.
So just enjoy them.
I am ready to move on to something else but not sure what it will be.
After this, I am sort of miss working on it so I might have to find another big project to work on.
I wonder what it will be??

Time will only tell.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my quilt in my last post.
I tried to respond to all of them but if I missed one or two I'm sorry.
I truly appreciate all the sweetness you all give me in messages. I so wish I lived closer to you all so we can have get one great big crafty party....wouldn't that be awesome!!!

Well....I hope you have a wonderful week. It's still raining out so I think I might 
bake today....cookies sounds good!


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February 2, 2014

Sweetheart Quilt

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for coming by today.  Can you believe it's February!
I know I know....this is not the hexi blanket you've all been waiting to see ( the weather will not play nice and since it's so dark in my house.... I can't photograph it,  soooo,  I will show you my

**Sweetheart Quilt**

I made this last Spring. I already had this photos taken which I found in my never ending archive of photos  { which needs some serious organizing } It reminded me of a window pane while working on it but now that it's all wash and dried several times..it's my favorite one to cover up with.

Doesn't it remind you of a bowl full of pastel sweetheart candies!!!

I cut out six inch squares of all assortments of pastels colors, placed in no special order and stitched them altogether. My favorite ones are the little red heart and buttons, perfect for this time of the month don't you think!
( no planning of that I promise....it just happen)
Then I added a larger border to go along each side. The back side is just like the border.
It's really part of an old sheet that had a really bad spot on it.
(recycled from goodwill)

Not to change subjects but most of the fabric used in this quilt and many others I have made are from old sheets I've found at our local goodwill store.
Fabric is so high these days and since I am a big thrifty girl, I will take what I can get on a dime which then turns into something worth a little something.
Plus... when you cut up all those old worn out sheets, you get a ton of squares..I mean a ton!!

The quilting part was the most enjoyable. I love curling up in a big chair and just starting stitching.
I stitched right up the middle of each square until I reached one side. Turn and went back down the next row. Very easy. Bind it off . Washed and dried.
Now it's my favorite quilt

Very Pleased with this one!!

As promised, I will be back on the hexi blanket.
I see the sun peaking out this morning so let me run

Be back soon...