April 29, 2015

summer scrappy

another one finished and scratched off my list.
another random blanket
just simple granny squares
no certain colors
no certain order

blues were a must though
with a hint of pinks
the cream ones where my favorite to work up
but loving the white just as much

let's not forget some green just for the fun of it
or a touch of dark blue.
reminds me of summer
and all that goes with that.

April 25, 2015

:: remember me? ::

.....so sorry blog and followers.  I've surely neglected you a lot lately here is this space. The only excuse I have is that I've meet a new social media called Instagram and it lured me in. Highly addicted for sure. I love it!  It's much easier to post a picture and a little note and your done. Loving it more and more everyday verse the time it spends uploading images to my computer then waiting patiently for those said images to upload in a new blog post.

But....I assure you, I have not forgotten about you. I will promise to pop in more often to say "HI"
and wish you all happy days and good wishes.

Also I have to blame my absence on that sweet little face up there. She was brought home from the animal hospital about three weeks ago. She was left in a box outside their door and when I brought my mother-n-laws puppies there for a little day surgery the lady asked me if I wanted her. I fell in love right away. My heart melted. Long story short.....she is now doing well and such a happy little furry thing. Just a cuddle ball of love we call  "Libbie"

I am also happy to say, I'm still crocheting and knitting away. More blankets are coming together. I think I have about three in the works right now. When I get tired working on one....I move onto another. They will all be ready...........one day.

Bye for now!