April 26, 2014

Small Packages

Look what came in the mail today!!!

 I was ever so lucky to win one of Debi's Giveaways the other day and it's finally here!

I am so happppppppyyyyy!

I love this yarn! it's so soft and comfy!
One great big pound of 


and also........these.....lovely little buttons


this lovely crochet hook!!!

Could there be anything more beautiful as this!

Thank you, Thank you so much Debi!

It's all so wonderful!!!

 I also received a lovely little gift from Lauren for Easter.

A cool tin bin for my yarn.....

It too is just 


I've always said......

::   the best things come in small packages ::


April 19, 2014

From my week....

H A P P Y    E A S T E R


Can you believe it's finally here!!!

.......This week it's been all about making these little crochet cozies for our eggs. 

 ....making lovely cookies

....pretty bowls and saucers

.....tons of jelly beans

....sunny days through the windows

.....and beautiful butterflies!

Wishing you all a lovely Holiday!

x x x

April 8, 2014

Putting the "Spring" back into my Step

......I think the slump I was in has ended thanks to so many of you who are making mandala's and such I thought I would make one for myself ....

.....and then......

my mojo came back.! 

There is just something about yarn that I can't ever part from it too long.....it will always find it's way back to me sooner or later.

What started out to be yucky day, surely took a quick turn for the better and it put me in such a better mood. I fix myself  a cup of iced coffee and sat in front of the kitchen window, with the windows up....it felt so good!! . I sat there long enough to whip up this cute little mug cozy, wondering why in the world haven't I ever made on before....it was so darn easy and quick!

After my second cup of coffee, I went for a walk around my yard and this is the view right when I step out. Isn't it lovely!!  So much color! I've never seen such vibrant colors around here in a very long time. Last year, I guess the Winter did everything some good and I am

 ♥    l o v i n  i t   

I've even started up on, not one, but two projects other than making mug cozies and mandala's. One will be a table topper for a small table and then the other will be a blanket from all those squares I've still been working on.
I think that will keep me busy for awhile....don't you?

I'll keep you updated on them soon.....


April 3, 2014


........why? Not really sure. Have I lost my mojo? Maybe.  Do I need a break from crafting? Who really knows. My mind has been so clouded lately I feel as if I am stuck in a whole and can't dig myself out.

I think it's because I have the fever for something new to work on. New fabric or more pretty yarn might do the trick but until payday comes around....it will have to wait. So what do I do in the meantime......ponder around some more in the garden, play around with blankets and quilts already made......

......dream of making more bunnies since Easter is on it's way......

.....play around with their dresses already made up, adding little accessories.....

....fold and stack some more.....

...or just hanging out doing nothing.....That's been me lately. Sorry for being such a bore. I am sure it will pass soon!

Have a lovely week!