December 18, 2013

Pretty Little Snowflakes

Is it starting to look a little christmasy around your place?  The Christmas season is in full swing at my house. The kids are getting so excited as the big day gets closer and closer. I've been working on snowflakes still off and on during the past weeks. Maybe by the time Christmas day arrives, the tree will finally be full of snowflakes...haha!

I've been wanting to share these pretty little snowflakes with you for awhile now. Finally I had a free moment this morning while Garrett slept in to edit a few photos and type a note or two. I so wish I could claim this pattern but I can not. I found it on the Better Homes and Gardens website and you wish to make a few for yourselves you can check them out over HERE
They are very very easy to make. For mine I used that thin yarn again...size 10....using double strands and away I went.  I did have to hit them each with the iron a bit and some starch to stiffen them up overall--so sweet and lovely don't you think!
xo Shari

December 16, 2013

Cozy Knitting Days

Hello everyone. Welcome back to THE STITCH PATTERN.
Thank you all for all the sweet and loving comments on my cross stitch santa
It is so much fun pulling things out from the past and that piece is such a special one.
Thank you all!

It's been a beautiful day today but the chill in the air is keeping us in.
I have been enjoying my day trying to finish up on some knitting.
This is my second one I have knitted. The first one is white and once this one is finished
I will show both of them together.

This pattern is a very simple one. {You see- I have to keep things simple since I am teaching myself
how to do this.] It is one row of just knit and the next row in just purl, so on and so on.
Can you see how the pattern is starting to take shape and the border?
This is so neat!
I love the fact I am making the border as I go verses crochet- you make you pattern and then make your border- but this is made as you la la loving it!

I picked a pretty gray. Well really it's a mixture of grays.
It's is Red Heart 4ply worsted weight yarn, color...
LOT: 4890

Red Heart yarn is usually not my choice of yarn but I was looking for something
a little different in texture
I do have to tell you also since this is a knitted project it feels much softer and stretchy --if you know what I mean. Now if I was crocheting this with the same yarn I don't think it would be coming out as soft but I still think it is a very pretty yarn.
I can't wait to have it all finished.

Well that's all for today. I am so glad you stop in for a little visit
and I do hope to see you all again soon.
Best Wishes to you and your family 
during this wonderful Christmas Season!

There's more knitting to do.....

December 12, 2013

Ole' St. Nick

My all time favorite hand work is cross stitch. It's been a while since I did anything new in cross stitch but this is a piece I have kept for many years and since it's the Holidays I thought it was appropriate to show you.
Clearly you can see the year it was finished
back in 2006

Oh so many tiny stitches took me a very long time to finish. 
The pattern came from a cross stitch book my older sister had and it was
given to me but as the years have gone past that book has been misplaced.
Maybe if I do a little goggle search, I might be able to find a piece somewhat like it
because I would really love to make another.

There has also been a lot of knitting going on. 
Not really sure if I am getting anywhere but hopefully soon
I will share what I've been working on. 
You see...I am a new knitter and it seems to be my favorite hobby 
at the moment. 
I'll be back with more on that later.
Thanks for visiting
Happy Holidays!

December 11, 2013

a granny sampler

Did you ever fall in love with something that you just thought it was going to turn out just plan ugly.
Well, that's what happen when making this blanket. I really thought when adding each square that this blanket was going to turn out horrible---but I pushed on adding more and more squares, it turned out beautiful. Just the way I had imagined it from the start.

The easiest crochet stitch I have come across yet is the one used for a granny square blanket.
So many colors were used. So many colors that I normally would not have used. I tend to use more soft colors in my work but a colorful blanket was calling to me.

Using a size H crochet hook- I made several squares for days, really weeks and then added them together one by one until it reached a good size. It's not too big. It will cover a twin size bed very well or you can use as a throw. 

Since it's getting closer to the Holidays,
I'll be back soon about a jolly ole fellow

new blog

Hello everyone!
Welcome to " the stitch pattern"
This is my new craft blog. 
I have been crocheting and making quilts for some time now
and now I am a new beginner of knitting.
This blog was created by myself so I can have a place to keep all of
my makings throughout the year and in hopes
in starting up a little shop hopefully in the near future.
I know there is not a whole lot here, it's just one big mess, but soon
I will be up and running with many projects of crochet, knitting,
quilting and a few other surprises along the way.
I do hope you follow along!