March 23, 2015

: : random pics from my weekend : :

I sure hope your weekend was as lovely as mine. Simple. Quite. Enjoyable. We could have done without all the rain, but the nature is loving it. Everything is turning green again. The flowers are blooming and my allergies are killing me. It's something that really has never bother me in the past. Maybe it's another sign I am just getting older, who knows but geeesss....I sneeze all the time!

Now as far as crafts go, I really don't have anything that I can call done so I am just showing you some little snaps that I loved the most from my lovely weekend.
I sort of laid off the painting for those few days as well. Number one....because I am plum sick of painting.....Number two.....cause I am not happy with the colors now. There is nothing more aggravating to finally find a color you just love and actually get it up on the walls only to find out that the lighting in that "say room"'s NOT what you thought it would be. So what do I do now.....start all over. Agggggg.

So with all my aggravation, I put all my paint brushes away, let my hair down, fixed my face so I wouldn't look like the ten miles of bad road and ate that pretty bowl of strawberries up there.....every single one.....knitted a little....crocheted a little...took pictures a little...played on instagram which I really love....and whatever else floated my fancy like update the old blog again.

Hope you all have a lovely week, be back soon!

March 4, 2015

:: a pillow ::

Well Hello there!!!!
Popping in to show you how far I've gotten with Garrett's bed cover.....As you can see, I didn't get very far, as far as I have gotten is the pillow.

It has been crazy busy around here this week with all the painting that we are doing, or I should say, all the painting I am doing. I had help on one room and that was about it. This week is all about the kitchen and it's about to drive me nuts. Everything is out of order. Cabinet doors are off the hinges, and everything that goes in them are scattered around the countertops so do you think I've had time to

Anyways, do you like it? Whatcha think?
I see some flaws in it just from looking at this picture. I used my new pattern square that can be found in my last post. I sort of lost track of my rows when making them so some are a little bit bigger than the others. I was a little too "lazy" you might say to rip them out and start over so I just went with it and joined them together as best as I could. Overall....I like it!

I think it will suite a little boy just fine, mistakes and all.
Well, that's it for now.....
I have to get back to painting or I'll never finish....I hope you all have a pleasant day and thanks so much for coming to visit.
see you later!!!