June 27, 2015

Summer Blues


Last couple of days have been slow. The heat is just too much for us. Our time has been spent mostly indoors laying around where it's been cool. I sort of feel like we went into hibernation. The house is a complete mess and so am I. No makeup for days. Hair in a messy bun. Complete lazy living. Garrett has taken over every inch of the living room with cars, trucks, trains, train-tracks, pillows, blankets, snacks, colors, and so much more.  I've knitted and baked hoping to chase these summer times blues away....it's not working!

I'll just eat another cookie~

June 22, 2015

Quilt and Kitten

Oh, this mommy is tired. I have yawned all day. Yawn after yawn, every minute, every hour. It must be the heat or maybe my boredom. I've been longing to crochet, but not able. Did I tell you my "stash" has twilled down to NOTHING!. It's that even possible! We have been down in a financial slump lately so I haven't been able to make my monthly yarn shopping spree--sad times, so I've had to find other things to occupy myself with like quilting. Remember way back when I started this quilt, well I finally finished it. Hand quilted throughout. love. so cozy.  Now, as you can see, my quilts are not your so called fancy normal quilts with fancy fabrics. I find the scrappiest fabrics from just about~ where ever to use. The more mixed matched, the better! I also find that hand quilting is so much more relaxing than verses machine quilting. I've tried machine quilting before but my quilts always come out uneven which frustrates me so.

I've also been keeping busy with our new little addition. Way back when my when we had another kitty almost the same, and now no longer with us, I promised myself I would never have another have another in the house. But one fine day, a trip to the vet with my mother-n-law, this sweet lady who worked there came into the room and ask if I would like to have a kitten. Someone left this poor little thing in a box outside their office over the weekend with no food or water and it just broke my heart. The moment I laid eyes on her she was mine. She was only a few weeks old when she came home. Now thriving and thinks she is a human. Just look at those sweet kitty paws...so cute!

Now I'm going to finish piecing another quilt top together, much bigger than the last one and maybe dip my fingers into that basket of yarn, or at least....what's left in it.

June 19, 2015



Just a quick note to let you all know that I am still among the living and that I am NOT "MIA"(missing in action). Summer has set in, with all the muggy humidity weather to go along with it, but we are loving it. Since the kids are now out of school, I've rarely had a moment to sit--much less think to write a note, so.....I took a little break.

Now, I'm back and I tweaked the old blog again. Those who follow me for awhile know that this is no surprise. I'm always tweaking!!

Did I mention I am loving our summer so far? Let me tell you......
 Late morning sleep in's are the best- they are just so stinking wonderful!!! . I love waking up before everyone else to enjoy all the quietness. I even catch myself tip-toeing around so I will miss all those steps that make the floor squeak in certain areas, opening up the kitchen cabinet ever so slowly just to get a cup out for my morning orange juice , and another glass for my water. (Water is the only thing I drink throughout the day for about  9months now but I will save that for another day) Trying to flip through the paper without making a crinkle sound is hardly impossible, but possible! or even turning on the television then trying to turn down the volume button before it makes a sound......all just to have all that peace and quiet before the kids wake up for another day of summer fun.

Trips to the beach have been mandatory by my little guy up there but he will have to settle for his pool for now. We took a trip down to our local marina and feel in love with all the water and boats that he said he never wanted to leave.

Soon, baby, soon. We will take a trip to the beach!!!