January 30, 2014

pretty favs from january.....


A short little post of my favorites from this month. January sure has been a slow one.
A very dark gloomy month but you can't tell it was by all the color in my photos. Color has been my friend this month. Lots of blue and pinks, yellows and greens and everything in between.
 All of it just speaks to me. It's like a craving!
I just can't get enough of it. 

W A N T  M O R E !
I want so much more, my to- do -list is growing. I have so many plans. So many little ideas that keep popping up in my head, that I am not sure what to start next.

I finished my hexagon blanket. I am just waiting on a sunny day to photograph it!

Be back soon...





January 26, 2014

this sunday....

....So I was thinking, why oh why haven't I made more of these dreamy soft pillows.
why? because I've never found a mofit square that made me as happy as this one!
I finished up this cushion last night while watching a little tellie.
which sort of made me sad at one moment but then in another, so so happy!
It's so soft.

When I stumbled across the "circle of friends" crochet square I just knew this was the one.
Once finished working the square, I just knew that that couldn't be the end,
I needed to do more rows.
More rows of single crochets until it looks big enough for a size pillow top.
Then the and idea to make the back came into play and the back was made, 
but a little different.
Just a simple granny square made to the exact size as the top then more rows 
of single crochets came into play again.
All whip stitched together on every side except one,
I then slid in an old plain white pillow I had upon my bed for days
was converted into my nice new cushion for the sofa, bed, cozy chair,
where ever it may lie....I love!

Don't you?


On this day I've also been updating all my social media icons on the old blog.
Shifting through old magazines finding more colorful things for blanket inspirations such as these
teacups....wouldn't all these colors be beautiful in a blanket.
why surely!

Do you do this?...do you search through whatever to find ideas to make things?
Am I the only one? or do your ideas just come to you?
I have to search and search, what sometimes seems forever, before I finally see something
that just catches my eye or a light goes off  and Yes.. that's it!

(photo source...Tilda magazine)

or I even find it just sitting upon a table in my own living room


I am happy to report to you, that I have made the decision to join in on Ravelry!
I  have been wishing to start up a Etsy shop for sometime also but that has sort of been put
on the side for now. I am not really sure why, but it scares me.
Not sure if I want all the trouble keeping up with all sorts of transactions nor do I wish for it 
to become a "job" more than why I do this for fun and because it please me mostly to do it
all for me and my home.
But for now, lets see how Ravelry goes.
You can find all my new social media icons on my sidebar if you wish to venture out and see.
You can also find me on Pinterest and Flickr
where most of my inspiration comes from.

So on that note, I leave you with some of my flickr favorites and hope you have a lovely Sunday.... Until next time......
xx Shari

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January 24, 2014

this day......

The joining process has begun. Well at least part of it has.
I really didn't think this project through when it all began. 

I was so happy when I finally found a lovely hexagon and for the life of me can not find it again.! (Once I start working on a pattern and repeat it over and over again....I remember it in my brain and when it's time to share...I forget where I found it....I have to work on that!)

Any who, I have about 80 hexagons made up and after working on the same old pattern day after day for about a week now, I thought I would start joining and get a more visual of what it's going to look like. So far.....loving it!  My back is not loving it to much. I have this large area in my living room where I can spread out and for someone my age and "out of shape" hunched over 'is not the best position to be in, but .......I am pressing on. 

I'm joining each hexagon with a tapestry needle and whip stitch in a dark gray color instead of using a light color. I think it makes each hexagon " pop out" don't you think?  Plus it gives it a look as if it is quilted....well that's my opinion anyways. 

I also lost all will power to NOT start another project before this one was finished but I just couldn't help myself when I stumbled across THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS CROCHET SQUARE. You can find the pattern if you click on the link.....it's easy and so pretty!  

Once I got to the last round in the pattern I kept looking at it thinking how lovely this square would be if I kept going and going with a sc crochet.....so I did and now I love it more it will be turned into a cushion!  I'm going to make the backside a little different just because I wish to. I'll be back soon with a updated on it. I am most certain I will finish this before I finish that blanket.

On another note.... I've noticed a few new followers to the blog today so I want to give you a warm welcome to my little space here. I'm so happy you joined in!

Also, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on my last post.
Sometimes it's hard to respond to each one but I do read them!
I especially want to give a lovely "thank you" to Gilly at " GILLY MAKES"
for the little mention on her blog about my chevron blanket and potholders.
It always makes my day when others find love and inspiration in the things I make
so thank you Gilly.....can't wait to see what you come up with!

Be back soon
the weather man calls for snow today!
It's a rare thing here in Louisiana....people go nuts over a snowflake!

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January 20, 2014

Kitchen love.....

It's a gray day today and I took a break from making a thousand
hexagons for THIS blanket.
So lets have a little peak into my kitchen.
Every kitchen needs tons of pot holders right?
some might call them hot pads.

 Well, these are my latest with pretty little cherry and heart appliques.
 Don't you just love them!
I got the idea from where of course....all places...

Well, really just the little cherry.
You can find a quick pattern to it if you are a viewer on Pinterest.
You can find my crochet board in my sidebar over there to the left
where you will find the pattern if you click on the picture.

These pot holders are the simplest to make ever!
I do believe you can have one of these made up within an hour
if you know the basic stitches of crochet.

Since I love them so much I think I might make a few more for myself,
a few for my mother and I might give away a few to a friend.

but...if you like to have one for yourself....here's my little easy peasy pattern.


I do hope that you all had a lovely weekend.
It's been gray around here a lot lately and I have to say, 
January is not my favorite month.
I am so over the cold, the wet, and gray drizzly days
aren't you?

I"m more of a Spring girl and I can't wait until it's time to plant 
new seeds in my garden.
It's one big brown mush out there.


January 13, 2014

Hexagon Love.....

Good Monday morning to you! Did you all have a lovely weekend?
Mine was very relaxing. This morning I'm enjoying a little extra quiet time. 
Garrett stayed up way too late last night..not sure why but he just didn't want to go to
sleep so I am letting him sleep as long as he wants giving me time to type a few words 
down here before his day starts.


Since I finished my chevron throw 
I thought I would jump right into another one but this time
with hexagons!

Not sure why I never tried really to make a blanket with hexagons {and finish it }before because I 
looooovvvvve making them.
( I tried one  a few months back but I don't know where it went??)
I did some organizing of all the yarn I have left.
I spend about an hour rolling yarn into balls.
Do you do that? 
I find it easier to work with, you know....in case you run into knots!!!!!
I have one bucket full .....sad sad.
It's a large plastic bucket but still sad!
I usually have a ton more stored in a dresser and the closet but this is it I'm afraid.


Well... I will not ponder over it. 
I will use what I have left on this blanket and tell myself that
I can not start another project until this one is finished and also tell myself
not to buy any more yarn.
( well, that's the plan anyways )

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday and a great week.
You will find me sitting in my cozy chair making more 
hexagons later today
I only have ohhh....about a zillion more to make!


First I have mom duty this morning.
You know....laundry, mopping, cooking lunch, etc, etc


Have a lovely day!

January 11, 2014

a finished throw

Don't you just love having the feeling of love and joy when you finish a project?
This one I can finally say is finished and checked off 
my list as done!
What started out to be for my oldest child Lauren 
now belongs to my little guy, Garrett. Once finished she thought it was more for a boy so she handed it down to him and I must say...it matches his room even more so than it would in hers.
(now this gives me another excuse to make another blanket.
Details on that coming soon)

I think it matches the theme I have been working on in his room.
I have saved so many little whatknots from when he was born and have added a few little 
patchwork pillows, quilts and such to keep him all cozy in his room.
I would show you the whole room but you might faint. It's a total disaster behind me!

My favorite thing so far in his room, other than this new blanket
is the little patchwork pillow to carry his books in.
These are perfect for a day at the library.
He can carry his books he picks out and slide them into the top pocket.
I'll save more details on that in another post all of it's own.

I know I said I would share the blanket details so here they are.

Pattern can be found HERE 
I modified the pattern just a little. It says to make in the back loops only but I chose
not to do that. Mine is made in the front loops as normal when making sc.

Yarn used:
Red Heart "soft" yarn
in white, off white and navy blue.
making 10 rows total with each color.

Crochet Hook:
size ( I )

Total time to make....
2 days

Pattern rating:

If you know the simple stitches in crochet you will be able to whip this up in no time.
So easy I think I might make one in red white and blue for the 
upcoming Fourth of July!

Adding that to my list!!

I do hope you all are enjoying your weekend. 
It's a bright and sunny day today and temps
have risen to the sixties....feels sort of like Springtime..
I think I have had enough of the cold!

Happy crafting!

January 5, 2014

happiness is......

(1.) ......finding that my crafty side is finding it's way back to me.
Not really sure why is faded away towards the end of last spring but now since we are in the dead of winter here and I am forced to stay indoors.....it's all coming back.

(2.)......discovering how much I truly love color!
Usually I go for all cream and white but with a "splash" of brightness, everything seems
more cheerful which makes me even more happy.

Especially when a gift was opened and discovered that these little balls of yarn are the cutest little bon bons of yarn only the size of your thumb.
(judging by the photos you would think they are a huge ball of yarn....wrong....thumb size!!!

love love love them......

(3.).....so happy to see my pretty little "princess lilies" still thriving that I bought last week. It's nice to be able to bring a little "Springtime" into our homes still since all I see is dark gray days....going on a month now.

(4.)....finding that never ending granny square blanket that is finally starting to look like a blanket. All those tiny little squares are taking  fooooreeeeva!

(5.)....finding out how much I love pretty little vintage teacups....even though I am not a big tea drinker. Coffee is my obsession. Especially if you put vanilla and a little cream in it....delicious!!!!

{image came from my new Tilda magazine that came in the postage ...love this book}


Well that pretty much sums up my happiness for one day.
2014 is looking pretty good so far....minus the terrible flu I have had for
the past two weeks now. 
Feeling some what better today especially after reading all the
get well wishes in my email box this morning.
Thank you all so much!!


Plus before I leave, I want to give a big welcome to
all of my new readers and followers to 
I have lots of new things and changes in store
for this little space here so I am so glad 
you all stopped in.

January 2, 2014

a chevron throw

Hello dear ones. Sorry I've been absent here for a few weeks. I've been battling a cold (actually the flu) and I really haven't had the strength to do a thing. Lots of tissue has been used while sitting and sleeping most of my days away but I did manage to start a new blanket.  I received a nice basket of new yarn from my older sister for Christmas which I so Loved!  Lots of yummy cream and white (my favorite colors) and a very pretty blue. It's all Red Heart Yarn in "soft" and it's so delightful and squishy....love love!

A new chevron throw was called to order from my daughter Lauren, when she found the idea on Pinterest the other day and fell in love with them. I thought it was so sweet that she actually wanted me to make her something since she rarely says anything nice about my crocheting or crafting
Usual responses are "boring" or "whatever"
so this put a smile upon my face.

It's been awhile since I crocheted anything really big so I am happy to jump right into to with my sniffles and all.  This is what I have done so far and I can't wait until it's finished.....
I'll be sharing more details when it's all done.

Sorry, but I must keep this post short and sweet. I feel as if I am fading away again. It's time for another cup of warm tea and another box of tissue is needed.
Talk more when I'm feeling better.
xx Shari