December 16, 2013

Cozy Knitting Days

Hello everyone. Welcome back to THE STITCH PATTERN.
Thank you all for all the sweet and loving comments on my cross stitch santa
It is so much fun pulling things out from the past and that piece is such a special one.
Thank you all!

It's been a beautiful day today but the chill in the air is keeping us in.
I have been enjoying my day trying to finish up on some knitting.
This is my second one I have knitted. The first one is white and once this one is finished
I will show both of them together.

This pattern is a very simple one. {You see- I have to keep things simple since I am teaching myself
how to do this.] It is one row of just knit and the next row in just purl, so on and so on.
Can you see how the pattern is starting to take shape and the border?
This is so neat!
I love the fact I am making the border as I go verses crochet- you make you pattern and then make your border- but this is made as you la la loving it!

I picked a pretty gray. Well really it's a mixture of grays.
It's is Red Heart 4ply worsted weight yarn, color...
LOT: 4890

Red Heart yarn is usually not my choice of yarn but I was looking for something
a little different in texture
I do have to tell you also since this is a knitted project it feels much softer and stretchy --if you know what I mean. Now if I was crocheting this with the same yarn I don't think it would be coming out as soft but I still think it is a very pretty yarn.
I can't wait to have it all finished.

Well that's all for today. I am so glad you stop in for a little visit
and I do hope to see you all again soon.
Best Wishes to you and your family 
during this wonderful Christmas Season!

There's more knitting to do.....


  1. Shari, I am so proud of you! You are coming on a treat with your knitting, it's so even and neat - a lovely tension! I bet you are so glad now that you stuck with your 'new' craft and are enjoying it so much! I also love your choice of colour and can't wait to see your next pics; well done! Hugs, Joy xo

    1. Aww thank you Joy! I guess all those days trying to just cast on really paid off then! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment- it's what really kept me going!

  2. Your knitting is looking so wonderful Shari, I am sure that whoever is lucky enough to be wearing this scarf will love it. The colour is great too, I like the different shades within it. xx

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    2. Thank you Amy! I almost put the shade back on the shelf at the store but soooo glad I changed my mind----loving it too!

  3. Joy and Amy said so well what I wanted to say to you, Shari :) Your work is beautiful and I love the design you are creating! Thanks for making the time to create this wondefully photographed post. xx

  4. I, too, echo the comments. Your stitches are so even and neat-not an easy feat for a new knitter. :-). I'm very happy you persevered and kept on knitting. It's beautiful.

    1. Not that means a lot to me coming from you Betsy cause your work is always sooo beautiful.....((Thank you ))

  5. Look at you go! If you lived close by I'd love to teach you how to knit, it would be so much fun. Love the gray, I am knitting with gray myself right now and loving it.
    Well done Shari,

    1. Thank you Thank you!!! All of your work sure did inspire me to really master knitting. After much frustration and confusion in the beginning, I am glad I stuck with it!

  6. Your knitting looks beautiful Shari!! I love greys and this does look nice & soft. I can't believe you only just started with your knitting. Well done! I too taught myself how to knit, and it was the best thing I ever did (craft-wise). I'm still learning lots of new things as I go along ... you'll never run out of things to do in knitting. I completely understand the frustrating parts, but never give up. If anything, just put a word out on your blog here, and everyone will jump in to help you sort it out. YouTube is a great help too. Your photos make me want to set up a cozy spot for some knitting this evening. Wendy x