February 13, 2014

Another Pattern for Y O U....

Well, here it is, another heart pattern for you. I finished it this morning whoot! whoot! I know that there is all sorts of heart patterns out there and I just added another one to that list.  I wanted to make a little sachet instead of "just a heart" so this is what I came up with.

I have to tell you, I almost didn't post this tutorial. I went through this aggravated phase earlier this morning. First, after taking about a zillion photos of this little heart ( I just couldn't get it to look right) I realized that the stuffing was coming out at the top. I think if I used a smaller hook that that would fix the problem so I sat down and started making another. Right at the start, I forgot how I made it...aggggh. Then once I figured it out, the second one came out just like the first one. No No No....this will not do! No one wants to see a pretty little heart with the filler coming out of it so I tweak the pattern just a bit and now I am a happy girl again.  I even tried to make a picture tutorial but holding the camera and trying to make each one look clear for you to see exactly what I was doing was not as easy as some of you make it. It sure takes a lot of hard work and time just to make a little tutorial so my hat goes off to the ones who do this all the time. For me..this might be my last little pattern for awhile. I need a break from this.

Anyways, I stuck with it but I hate to say~ there are not any pictures. It's just a little written pattern. I do hope you all can follow along with it. It's very easy and I am please with the outcome. These make  wonderful little gifts. I've made several all ready and put one in each of my drawers in my dresser and hung a two in my closet. Each time I open them up it smell so good.



 US Terms
sc ~ single crochet
dc~ double crochet
slp~ slip stitch


any yarn of your choice
crochet hook size ( F-3.75mm )
tapestry needle
Opitional-- ribbon and buttons
Scented oils of your choice

chain two.
two sc in the first sc,
chain one. turn.
one sc in the first. two in the next.
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next, two in the last.
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next two, two in the last,
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next three, two in the last,
chain one, turn.
one sc in the first, one in the next four, two in the last, 
chain one, turn.
one sc into the first, one sc into the next five, two in the last.
chain one, turn
last time...one sc into the first, one sc into the next six, two in the last.
you should have eight little rows.

 You should have something that looks like a triangle



we will be working down the side of the little triangle.

chain one. sc into the first (counts as your first sc). now work evenly six more stitches down the side.
make two sc into the point. working up the other side, make seven more sc evenly.

Now working across the top, make one treble into the first stitch and one in the next three.
slp stitch into the next.
one treble into the next four stitches, slp stitch into the little corner space.


chain one, one sc into the next sc.and in the next seven.
slp stitch, chain one, slp stitch into the point.
one sc into the next eight sc.
two dc into the next three trebles.
one sc into the next treble.

Now to make the curve of the heart to keep it's shape, make a long slp stitch into the top stitch
on the row of single crochets.
sc into the next treble
two dc into the next three trebles
sc into the next
slp stitch into the side
tie off. 

Note ::  on your second heart, leave a long tail to stitch the hearts together.


using tapestry needle and long tail end, whip stitch your hearts together,
leaving a space at the top to add your filler and ribbon. 
NOTE: the ribbon, just cut a little piece of your choice of lace or ribbon, fold in half and 
place part of it inside at the top before you stitch your heart completely closed.
Add on buttons for a little added touch of sweetness!
and....don't forget to add a drop or two of your favorite scented oil to it.
I hope you enjoy this pattern.

I have tested it several times but if you do come across something that just doesn't make since,
just let me know and I'll make the corrections needed.


Happy Valentine's Day!
and thanks so much for all my birthday wishes
you are all so kind!


  1. Thank you for the sweet Heart Sachet pattern, Shari! I want to make it someday. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing such a great pattern. Hope you have a wonderful Valentines day ❤️

  3. Happy Valentine's, Shari - and thanks for sharing the tutorial for your pretty little hearts :-)

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  5. Such pretty little hearts and thank you for sharing your tutorial.
    Marianne x

  6. Happy Valentine's Day Shari, thank you for the wonderful pattern.

  7. Thank you for haring this tutorial - it sounds like it was a true labour of love, so we're all grateful! I'll be trying this today! Chrissie x

  8. It's a pretty little heart Shari - thanks for sharing your pattern with us. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  9. Thank you :) They are so, so lovely xxx

  10. Thank you everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

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  12. Thank you so much for going to such lengths to give us the tutorial for this little heart, Shari, and I'm so sorry you had such trouble with it. Hearts are worth working on though, yes! Love, Joy x