February 17, 2014

sweet "Annabelle"

Happy New Week everyone! Thank you all so much for leaving the most wonderful messages on my last few post. I've been having a little internet problems lately with my email and blog updates for some unknown reason so if I have not responded to your messages that is why.  One minute it all wants to work and right in the middle of me typing a reply message....all shuts down. Drove me batty!  But....all is good now....at least I hope so.

It has also been brought to my attention that I was known as a "non-reply blogger". You have no idea how this hit me.  I didn't like it at all.  You see, I am still learning after all this time- and I have been in blog-land for a few years now- that I am still unaware of all the little quirks about blogging.
I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING A NON-REPLY BLOGGER. Now I know that some of you might prefer this but I did not and what's bad is that I didn't even know about it.

Well, after a lovely sweet blogger, Linda at Linda's Crafty Corner, help me fix the problem, well at least I hope I fix the problem. Thank you Linda so much!

Anyways, moving on to other things. Little Miss Annabelle came out to play the other day when the sun was shinning and I forgot to let you all see. I love making these little bunnies as Springtime comes closer. Really they can be made year around which I have been thinking about a lot lately. I get all happy and giggly when I finish making her dresses, I've been thinking about making little accessories to go along with the dress - like little crochet shoes and necklace...whatcha think? and maybe even try to make her into a knitted bunny. Hummm...really thinking about that.

I really have been practicing on my knitting skills this past weekend. I am still a newbie! I have been making tons of rows of knits and purls to see if I can get a little faster at it. I feel as if I take forever to knit just one row...ughhhh~ so much different than crochet but loving it at the same time!

Well that's enough babble for one post. Sorry I got a little carried away. Some days I talk about hardly nothing and then others I just can't stop talking. If you meet me in person I would be the shy girl in the back of the room...you know the quite one.......not unsocialable....just quite with a smile!
xx Shari


  1. Little Annabelle is really very sweet. I love her dress and necklace. I have thought about making a bunny since they seem so popular right now but I have so many things on the hooks and needles right now I have to out my foot down on myself! So I'll just enjoy your photos of sweet Annabelle.

  2. What a sweet bunny! As usual, your crafting is just beautiful...the colours are sublime...the crochet is so pretty...I'm going to re-learn how to knit this year, too, so I'll be interested to see how you get on! Glad the computer problems are sorted, I'm still figuring it all out, I think I've sorted the 'no reply' thingie, but I can never be certain of anything computer-related...bring on Spring and some friends for Annabelle! Chrissie x

    1. your reply button is working fine Chrissie x

  3. Your Bunny is so sweet, I love her ears and her dress is delightful. I've only been blogging for about 10 months and I think you learn as you go along..
    You learn by following others and you still wonder if your doing it right. Don't take the No Reply to heart, after all we aren't perfect and I'm glad Linda was able to help.. She is such a lovely lady.
    Take care
    Sally xxx

  4. Hi Shari
    I just adore your bunnies, I have always thought they are so unique in their beautiful muted colours, and with all the attention to detail that you put into them. Keep going with the knitting it will be so worth it, I haven't knitted for ages but recently started knitting a shawl and I am LOVING it.
    Love, love, love your blog !
    Kate x

  5. Ahhh, so beautiful!! Lovely bunny and photos - such prettiness before my eyes! I don't know what the no reply blogger is or what it means? will have to look into it. take care, Sam xx

  6. I love Annabelle, she's a little beauty !!!! :)

  7. Hi Shari, just to let you know I have been a blogger for 6 years and I don't know what a non-reply blogger is!?! Personally I reply in the comments on my blog, but sometimes I miss comments until much later as everyday life gets in the way! :) Just stick with what's best for you - you can't please everyone all of the time...
    Annabelle is adorable - I love the necklace idea!
    Best wishes, Pj x (I'm the shy one waving from the other side of the room) x

  8. That bunny is so sweet, and that dress and little necklace, eeeek! I adore the colours and it has inspired me to make my friend(who is expecting) a similar dress for her little one. As for comments I turn moderation on so I don't miss the comments, I try and reply but it isn't always possible xxx

  9. Oh Shari, Annabelle is indeed sweet, I love her and her gorgeous outfit and I think you should go for it and make lots of accessories for her and future friends! And I so love that wonderful quilt in the background - you know you have been such an inspiration over the past months for me to get stuck into quilts, and I am so enjoying it, thanks so much!
    I hope your computer probs are fixed now, such a nuisance for you, and I would like to encourage you with your knitting - you'll never regret sticking with it, and the more you practice the quicker you'll get! Happy days to you lovely, Hugs, Joy xo

  10. Annabelle is lovely!! I am sure that she would love some accessories and a little bunny of her own! She will have a whole wardrobe before you know it, although her crochet dress is adorable. I am glad that you are now a replyable blogger, that means I can reply direct when you leave me a lovely comment!! You never talk to much by the way!! Witter away all you like, I love to read whatever you write! xx

  11. I love Annabelle - she is very pretty with her crocheted dress and necklace. :)

  12. I have always loved your bunnies Shari and I would love to make one too, they are so sweet and yes Annabelle would love any accessory you make for her so you go ahead and make the girl some shoes. I'm glad I was able to help with the no reply blogger thing now I can answer your lovely comments by email, so pleased your computer problems are sorted it's so frustrating when that happens. :) xx

  13. Little Annabelle is so sweet Shari, I love her necklace and little dress.

  14. Such a sweet little bunny. My baby sister has really been into carrying around stuffed animals, and your Annabelle makes me want to sew up a bunny for her! I can picture Annabelle fitting right in with all her other stuffies at the tea party table. :)

  15. Annabelle is a sweetie, Shari. I love her dress and can imagine you having fun making her a lovely wardrobe :) Wishing you happy days xx

  16. I am so happy you are now a reply blogger, I was a no reply blogger for a while and did not know it. I had no idea you could reply. Love your latest bunny, she is quite adorable. And by the way Shari, I am a bit shy in person so I would be in the back of the room with you.

  17. Hi shari, your description of yourself could easily be a description of me too. I also was a no-reply blogger until someone pointed it out to me, so many nice folks in blogland ready to lend a hand I find. I have admired Annabelle for quite some time so thank you for introducing her to me today, she is just so sweet. A Bunny for Annabelle to play with would be great. Good luck with your attempts at knitting.

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