April 3, 2014


........why? Not really sure. Have I lost my mojo? Maybe.  Do I need a break from crafting? Who really knows. My mind has been so clouded lately I feel as if I am stuck in a whole and can't dig myself out.

I think it's because I have the fever for something new to work on. New fabric or more pretty yarn might do the trick but until payday comes around....it will have to wait. So what do I do in the meantime......ponder around some more in the garden, play around with blankets and quilts already made......

......dream of making more bunnies since Easter is on it's way......

.....play around with their dresses already made up, adding little accessories.....

....fold and stack some more.....

...or just hanging out doing nothing.....That's been me lately. Sorry for being such a bore. I am sure it will pass soon!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Your photos are always so pretty. Love your stack of blankets and pretty spring bouquet. Enjoy your day. Heather

  2. Hello Shari
    Oh yes please ... more stacking blankets, more adorable bunnies, more flowers and LOTS more of your beautiful photographs ... don't stop !
    I love popping by to your blog, everything just makes me sigh with happiness.
    Do your little bunnies ever venture to pastures new .. Say the UK for example ? Do you make them to sell at all ?
    Bring on pay day quick so we can see more lovely projects,
    Kate x

  3. We all get like this sometimes Shari but whatever you decide to make will be lovely. I have made a bunny too and actually have got her finished, it's not bad for a first attempt but certainly not up to your standards, I love her even if she's not perfect she sits at the window and gazes out. Beautiful photo's, your photo's always make me happy. :)

  4. You are never a bore Shari!!! Ever. I hope that you find your mojo, but in the meantime can I say what beautiful outfits you have made for the bunnies, they look very happy in them!! Take care, keep going and it will all work out I am sure. xx

  5. I love those bunnies - they are so sweet. I hope you get your mojo back soon. :)

  6. Let's hope it's just the change of seasons or something that is keeping you from kicking into gear again. It's taken me a while to get into something creative, but I've been chugging away with a very slow project now. Maybe take your camera outdoors and enjoy capturing some fresh spring growth ... there must be lots of blossom trees out in your area now. Or maybe that topic is for your other blog. These photos are a delight to see even if everything has already been made, embellished and folded time and time again. Wendy x

  7. Love love love seeing your creations! I know this lull feeling will pass and we will see more wonderful projects!

  8. Know how you feel. Winter here has been soooo long. Baking helps me.

  9. Oh dear you do seem in a bit of a slump. Your not on your own felt that way myself at the beginning of the year. I visited lots of blogs and looked for new ideas on Ravelry and pinterest. I made lists of jobs that needed doing and projects I want to work on and now I am feeling a whole lot better.

  10. I have these feelings too. Very restless. Needing to do something but not sure what. It'll pass, and your creative juices will be back to full strength soon!

    Have a super weekend

    Vanessa x

  11. I too get that restless feeling for no reason at all. I think it has been a long, dreary winter, but at least the days are now getting longer and the sun is trying to shine. Maybe a day out to enjoy the spring flowers that are starting to appear is just the tonic you need. Best wishes, Pj x

  12. You could never be a bore, I am restless too. Come visit me and we can be restless together. I just want an hour or two to sit down and knit, Even that is asking a lot of me right now.

  13. Hey Girlfriend! I haven't been by forever and I am sorry. I hit a wall myself and haven't been blogging or even on my computer much. I've been busy crafting though so at least there is movement! :D I've been practicing my spinning and have realized I need a different kind of spinning wheel *sigh*; crocheting of course; working on a couple of quilts with my antique hand crank sewing machines, which I am loving and weaving.
    I hope you get out of your funk soon, spring will help that mood I'm sure. We still have snow all over the place but my mind is turning to spring-ish things!
    Hugs my dear friend who lives too far away,

  14. Not boring at all Shari. It must be spring because I'm the same way. Work on my hand-stitched quilt? Nope. Knit? Nope. Crochet? Nope. Just restless. I think I'm ready for spring. That will be our excuse anyway!

  15. Not a bore at all....your pictures are just lovely! Sarah xo

  16. Your photographs themselves are one of your wonderfully creative talents, Shari! (and your posts are never boring!) Sometimes you just have to wait for inspiration to strike again. I hope you have a happy week.
    Helen xox

  17. I so admire the work you have done, and it is always a pleasure to visit your posts, Shari. Beautiful! Thanks!!! xx