July 6, 2014

Granny Pinwheel Throw

After three weeks and two days of making triangles......I've finally finished piecing them all together, making the border~I can now say.....this one is DONE!

 This blanket went through three phases to complete believe it or not. First phase, I made all the triangles. All two-hundred of them!!!  One-hundred in white and one-hundred in different colors from my stash.

Then phase two begins. I joined each color triangle to a white triangle to make a square, plus adding a border around each square in white to make them more square. (Did that make sense?) I hope you get the picture!

And finally phase three, I joined all the squares together by slip stitching into the back loops only. Once that was complete, I made a two round circle made of single crochets to add in the middle of each pinwheel to make them stand out a little bit more and the border was added last, of course.

The border is my very own little design made up of single crochet and trebles. (Pattern to come at a later date)

What will come next?????  Who knows. I know I did say I was up for a challenge and I have a little something in mind~ so until then.....thanks for stopping in today.

If you would like to make your own pinwheel throw, you can find the pattern here for my EXTRA WIDE GRANNY TRIANGLES.

Happy Summer!!!
xx Shari


  1. Great blanket! You're work is absolutely amazing! You're little is really getting big... so cute!!!

  2. Wow Sheri ... You did it again. Another amazing blanket. I wonder what you do with all the blankets you make ??? They are absolutely gorgeous. Garry job :) hope you are having a fabulous summer.

  3. It is absolutely gorgeous! Such wonderful design, well worth the effort! I can't wait for the pattern, and to find out what the next project is conjuring in your mind - you create beautiful things! Chrissie x

  4. Great blanket, beautiful colors.

  5. A beautiful blanket Shari, I am amazed that you did this in just a little over three weeks, that is super speedy for all the work it involved, awesome finish, thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Wow Shari! This is fantastic, what a beauty, and young Garrett is looking even more cuddlesome wrapped up in such cosiness. Well done you! xoJoy

  7. Its so LOVELY Shari ! I love the way the white makes the colours stand out but also binds the whole blanket together.
    Really beautiful,
    Kate x

  8. I love it! such a lovely design and what a lovely model too x

  9. Stunning Shari!!! Great for using up scraps of coloured yarn too! I particularly like the medallions in each square center it does make them stand out!
    your little man makes a great model too!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. Such a great idea - it looks amazing! Very cosy and snuggly looking too.
    Maria x

  11. Hi Shari,

    This lates creation is absolutely beautiful and you should be very proud of your efforts. Simply stunning.


  12. Looks sooo pretty Shari! You do it in just 3 weeks:::amazing!:::Silvia

  13. A great stash-buster Shari! it's beautiful, you made it so quickly too. :)

  14. This is an amazing blanket and I have just printed the pattern out. I can just see it as a baby blanket as a gift. So pretty.

  15. You really do such beautiful work, Shari. Your color choices and placement and pattern are all so pleasing. Thanks for sharing your pattern and letting us admire your work ( and Mr. Garrett :) xx

  16. Beautiful blanket Shari, and that sweet Garrett would look cute in a paper bag, he looks so much like you I think.

  17. This is a fantastic blanket, Shari! I love it!!
    Helen xox

  18. What a beautiful blanket you've created. To be treasured. penny x

  19. Ah look at Garret in that blanket, so cute. Always love to stop by here Shari, I don't always leave a comment (time and everything) but I adore your makes. Jo x