October 29, 2014

Newborn Knitted Jacket

 I'm back today to show you, as promised, the little newborn knitted jacket I whipped up with leftover yarn from my pullover sweater from my previous post.

I have a upcoming baby shower to attend at the end of November so what better than a little jacket for the precious newborn to wear home from the hospital.
I am thinking that a little hat and shoes would go nicely with it, don't you think!

 By looking at my choice of colors....you guessed it.....it's a GIRL!

 It's all made from baby soft yarn in white with a striped pattern in the middle, of brown, dark pink and pale pink. The brown looks almost black in this photo....so sorry.....bad lighting today. The one below will give you a better view of the colors.

I used a size F crochet hook for the collar, following  THIS PATTERN until the bottom part. That's when I switched from my crochet hook to a size 6 knitting needle to finish the body and the sleeves.
Easy Peasy!

 Adding a border around the whole entire jacket makes everything fit together nicely. 
Add buttons and little appliques if you like to add another touch.

I hope I have given a new twist on making little jacket.

see you all again soon....




  1. It's beautiful Shari, it looks so soft and pretty a lovely gift. :) xx

  2. Beautiful and I'm sure the new baby will love it.

  3. It's a beautiful baby jacket Shari - the new mother will love it. :)

  4. Beautiful,very cute jacket!
    Happy weekend,greetings.:*

  5. It is so very pretty and will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed I am sure. xx

  6. Your work always inspires me, Shari...so beautiful! Thanks for posting...and I like Crochet and Company :) xx