March 4, 2015

:: a pillow ::

Well Hello there!!!!
Popping in to show you how far I've gotten with Garrett's bed cover.....As you can see, I didn't get very far, as far as I have gotten is the pillow.

It has been crazy busy around here this week with all the painting that we are doing, or I should say, all the painting I am doing. I had help on one room and that was about it. This week is all about the kitchen and it's about to drive me nuts. Everything is out of order. Cabinet doors are off the hinges, and everything that goes in them are scattered around the countertops so do you think I've had time to

Anyways, do you like it? Whatcha think?
I see some flaws in it just from looking at this picture. I used my new pattern square that can be found in my last post. I sort of lost track of my rows when making them so some are a little bit bigger than the others. I was a little too "lazy" you might say to rip them out and start over so I just went with it and joined them together as best as I could. Overall....I like it!

I think it will suite a little boy just fine, mistakes and all.
Well, that's it for now.....
I have to get back to painting or I'll never finish....I hope you all have a pleasant day and thanks so much for coming to visit.
see you later!!!


  1. Hi Shari!!! Your blog just appeared on my blogroll and I discovered I had not seen your posts since January 15th :( At any rate, I just had the pleasure of scrolling back and enjoying your posts I had missed. My blogroll has not been rolling very well for several months, so that in combination with normal busyness has me feeling behind all the time. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to not be a no-reply blogger again, and actually had to set up a new blogger profile to do it. But Hooray, I think I did it :) Garret's hat is very handsome and the quilt and pillows and afghan you are working on are lovely. And Shari...I have yet to see any mistakes you have made on your creations. You continue to inspire me! Thanks! I did some Spring cleaning today and am cheering you on with your painting and then garden work. We are having an amazing early Spring here and I feel a bit giddy I am enjoying it so much! Oh, and thanks for sharing the new style granny square. I have not tried it yet, but it is on my want to make list. Blessings to you and yours! xx

  2. Lovely pillow Shari it looks just fine to me and I bet Garret, loves it too. :) x

  3. They look good to me, I'd have never had known without you mentioning it, loving the colours too
    Clare x

  4. Lovely flaws and all. Sure he will love it.

  5. It all blends together nicely. I don't notice any flaws. Good color combination.
    xx Beca

  6. Wow! No flaws noticed here. What absolutely beautiful and inspiring stitching!