July 21, 2015

Bored? Boring?? Boredom!!

This week has been a mix of pure and utter boredom. All of my whips have been put on hold as I had mention in my last post due to a little baby boy who needed a cuddly baby soft blankiee and I won the race. I managed to finish before his due date....yeah for me!!
Now what to do??
Do I go back to making my puff circles???? knowing I will get discouraged soon cause I am running out of the green wool for the border.???
Or..... do I dream through old photos to find a glimpse of inspiration. Something with soothing colors
or a hint of a new pattern???

Should I make another hexi blanket with loads of colors???  Lots of bold or soft colors???  Solids or a beautiful mix????  My mind cannot keep up.

 Should I remake my old craft room, which is now Garrett's room???  I so miss this space. A place where I can run away and call my very own! But what in the world would I do with all of Garrett's things. ( See he never sleeps in his own room....never has. To this day he still sleeps with us...in the big bed.)  I just don't know????

 Someone or something!!!  please dig me out of this rut.

 I hope your week will be more pleasing than mine. I guess it's the way it is living in a crafty, wool making life. Is it just being bored??  boredom?? or....am I just Boring???

sometimes I really wonder!!



  1. You're absolutely not boring, just look at all those lovely crafty, creative things you make. It's just a little blip, it will pass, we all get it every so often !

  2. Boring is a word I never associate with you, Shari! I'm cheering you on as you sort through the choices for your next step :). XX

  3. No of course you're not boring Shari we all go through times like this, Why not reclaim a corner of Garretts room perhaps you can find a place for some of his things in your room then you can have your retreat until Garrett decides he's a big boy and wants his own space. Have a browse through pinterest and see if something grabs you. I'm enjoying making my little scrappy hexies and my scrappy blanket just picking them up and putting them down when I feel like it. sometimes it's good to have a break from it all and do something different I like to catch up on my reading even if it's reading magazines that people have given me and have been stacking up. Wish I loved closer then we could meet up for a coffee and have a knit and natter. xxx

  4. At this moment I have 4 blankets in various stages of being done and a baby hat on the needles along with a washcloth or two. I can't seem to make up my mind either. And that's just fine. It's one of the good things about crochet and knitting. Lots of options depending on how you feel that day...or minute!