January 2, 2014

a chevron throw

Hello dear ones. Sorry I've been absent here for a few weeks. I've been battling a cold (actually the flu) and I really haven't had the strength to do a thing. Lots of tissue has been used while sitting and sleeping most of my days away but I did manage to start a new blanket.  I received a nice basket of new yarn from my older sister for Christmas which I so Loved!  Lots of yummy cream and white (my favorite colors) and a very pretty blue. It's all Red Heart Yarn in "soft" and it's so delightful and squishy....love love!

A new chevron throw was called to order from my daughter Lauren, when she found the idea on Pinterest the other day and fell in love with them. I thought it was so sweet that she actually wanted me to make her something since she rarely says anything nice about my crocheting or crafting
Usual responses are "boring" or "whatever"
so this put a smile upon my face.

It's been awhile since I crocheted anything really big so I am happy to jump right into to with my sniffles and all.  This is what I have done so far and I can't wait until it's finished.....
I'll be sharing more details when it's all done.

Sorry, but I must keep this post short and sweet. I feel as if I am fading away again. It's time for another cup of warm tea and another box of tissue is needed.
Talk more when I'm feeling better.
xx Shari


  1. Oh friend that is such a beautiful throw! The pattern and colors are perfect! That flu has been making its way around our family as well...you get better lady! Great work!!!

  2. So sorry you feel poorly, Shari! Your new throw is beautiful! And I believe that Lauren will treasure it. [Hang in there...the "whatever" "boring" stage
    will pass :)] xx

  3. So sorry to hear that you have been icky Shari, I do hope that you are feeling better soon, it is not nice at this time of year. Your throw is looking beautiful, and how nice of you to use the lovely yarn your sister bought you to make something for Lauren - it is what families are all about isn't it! Take care of yourself and I hope you are well soon. xx

  4. Bless your heart, hope you feel better soon. Love the throw, don't worry the 'whatevers" and all the eye rolling will end soon.

  5. Those pastel colours you use so well and highlighted with navy blue....beautiful throw!
    Hope you are feeling better today .......flu can linger...nasty feeling!

    Take care now
    Amanda xx

  6. It's looking beautiful Shari, chevrons are such fun to make, you take care and get better soon. xxx

  7. Oh what a lovely blanket - it's sooo pretty! Hope you feel better soon.