January 24, 2014

this day......

The joining process has begun. Well at least part of it has.
I really didn't think this project through when it all began. 

I was so happy when I finally found a lovely hexagon and for the life of me can not find it again.! (Once I start working on a pattern and repeat it over and over again....I remember it in my brain and when it's time to share...I forget where I found it....I have to work on that!)

Any who, I have about 80 hexagons made up and after working on the same old pattern day after day for about a week now, I thought I would start joining and get a more visual of what it's going to look like. So far.....loving it!  My back is not loving it to much. I have this large area in my living room where I can spread out and for someone my age and "out of shape" hunched over 'is not the best position to be in, but .......I am pressing on. 

I'm joining each hexagon with a tapestry needle and whip stitch in a dark gray color instead of using a light color. I think it makes each hexagon " pop out" don't you think?  Plus it gives it a look as if it is quilted....well that's my opinion anyways. 

I also lost all will power to NOT start another project before this one was finished but I just couldn't help myself when I stumbled across THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS CROCHET SQUARE. You can find the pattern if you click on the link.....it's easy and so pretty!  

Once I got to the last round in the pattern I kept looking at it thinking how lovely this square would be if I kept going and going with a sc crochet.....so I did and now I love it more it will be turned into a cushion!  I'm going to make the backside a little different just because I wish to. I'll be back soon with a updated on it. I am most certain I will finish this before I finish that blanket.

On another note.... I've noticed a few new followers to the blog today so I want to give you a warm welcome to my little space here. I'm so happy you joined in!

Also, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on my last post.
Sometimes it's hard to respond to each one but I do read them!
I especially want to give a lovely "thank you" to Gilly at " GILLY MAKES"
for the little mention on her blog about my chevron blanket and potholders.
It always makes my day when others find love and inspiration in the things I make
so thank you Gilly.....can't wait to see what you come up with!

Be back soon
the weather man calls for snow today!
It's a rare thing here in Louisiana....people go nuts over a snowflake!

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  1. Good morning sweet Shari! Thought I would check out the bloggy while enjoying my morning cup of coffee. What a delight to see all your beautiful creations! They really are quite lovely.You do such an amazing job. Love it !!!

  2. That is going to be a beautiful blanket, I love all the colours and patterns, and the darker colour to join them is striking! Would you consider linking it to the CAL on my blog? Have a lovely day, Chrissie x

  3. Your hexagon blanket is turning out real pretty Shari - and the cushion is pretty too. :)

  4. Your blanket is coming along beautifully. I like the grey coming through like a quilt, it looks very nice. That is a pretty square, I'd seen it before, but had forgotten about it, it will make a lovely cushion. You are busy with your crochet. Looking forward to seeing your finished blanket and cushion. Have a great day. Heather

  5. What a fabulous blanket Shari, the hexies are beautiful and I love the idea to use a darker colour to join them.

  6. Gorgeous crochet Shari, your blanket is looking fantastic, you are right the darker yarn makes everything pop. I love that new square and the sc is amazing.

  7. I love your joining method Shari, you are right, it really makes it look like a patchwork quilt!! Very pretty. xx

  8. Shari your hexagon blanket is beautiful and it really does look a lot like a quilt. I always have several things going on at the same time. I just can't help it. I think your square is beautiful.

  9. Hello Shari, I'm glad I've found you again! I'm really loving your hexagon blanket, it really is very gorgeous xxx

  10. The blanket is working up beautifully Shari! Love all the soft colours, and I agree with the use of the dark grey for joining. Maybe if you spread out on a table you'd save some strain on your back. The cushion cover looks amazing too ... looking forward to seeing it made up. Enjoy the snow ... we're getting a blizzard today with the polar vortex cold and high winds ... oh, and snow ... no fun. Wendy x

  11. Hello Shari .
    Your blanket is smashing and I totally agree the dark colour you are using to join the hexagons does indeed make it "pop" out as you say. Great square for the cushion cover! Is that your pattern. I'm afraid I am in the same predicament as you. I am making up some little hearts from memory and I'm pretty sure it isn't my pattern but someone elses that I found ages ago. I'll just say not my own pattern for present until I come across it. It is the only recognition I can give at present. . Looking forward to seeing your finished makes.
    keep well

    Amanda :-)


  13. Hey Girlfriend! It's all looking very pretty over here I must say! I love that circle of friends pattern but I think I might try it out for a blanket instead.... I have to look at the pattern first. I am really loving the hexagons and that grey to connect them is giving it a wonderful pop! If you find that hexagon pattern again please let me know... I think after viewing how gorgeous yours is I might just have to make one too! :D I hope you are staying warm and finding plenty of time to be creative!
    Talk again soon,
    Hugs always my sweet blogging sister,
    Beth P

  14. I am loving those little hexagon's and they're so neat and perfect with your whipstitch joins x