January 26, 2014

this sunday....

....So I was thinking, why oh why haven't I made more of these dreamy soft pillows.
why? because I've never found a mofit square that made me as happy as this one!
I finished up this cushion last night while watching a little tellie.
which sort of made me sad at one moment but then in another, so so happy!
It's so soft.

When I stumbled across the "circle of friends" crochet square I just knew this was the one.
Once finished working the square, I just knew that that couldn't be the end,
I needed to do more rows.
More rows of single crochets until it looks big enough for a size pillow top.
Then the and idea to make the back came into play and the back was made, 
but a little different.
Just a simple granny square made to the exact size as the top then more rows 
of single crochets came into play again.
All whip stitched together on every side except one,
I then slid in an old plain white pillow I had upon my bed for days
was converted into my nice new cushion for the sofa, bed, cozy chair,
where ever it may lie....I love!

Don't you?


On this day I've also been updating all my social media icons on the old blog.
Shifting through old magazines finding more colorful things for blanket inspirations such as these
teacups....wouldn't all these colors be beautiful in a blanket.
why surely!

Do you do this?...do you search through whatever to find ideas to make things?
Am I the only one? or do your ideas just come to you?
I have to search and search, what sometimes seems forever, before I finally see something
that just catches my eye or a light goes off  and Yes.. that's it!

(photo source...Tilda magazine)

or I even find it just sitting upon a table in my own living room


I am happy to report to you, that I have made the decision to join in on Ravelry!
I  have been wishing to start up a Etsy shop for sometime also but that has sort of been put
on the side for now. I am not really sure why, but it scares me.
Not sure if I want all the trouble keeping up with all sorts of transactions nor do I wish for it 
to become a "job" more than why I do this for fun and because it please me mostly to do it
all for me and my home.
But for now, lets see how Ravelry goes.
You can find all my new social media icons on my sidebar if you wish to venture out and see.
You can also find me on Pinterest and Flickr
where most of my inspiration comes from.

So on that note, I leave you with some of my flickr favorites and hope you have a lovely Sunday.... Until next time......
xx Shari

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  1. Such a beautiful cushion! Hello from a new reader :-)

    1. Hi Nanita, Thanks so much for letting me know you are a new reader to my blog. If you have one, I'll do the same

  2. Shari, I finally found you again! You have changed blog names several times and I lost you. Glad to be back..I missed all of your great crochet patterns and photo!
    Hugs, Patti

    1. Hi Patti!! I know lady....I went through this phase when I didn't know what I really wanted a few months back, but now I am happy and not going anywhere!
      So glad we found each other again!
      xx Shari

  3. Your new cushion is beautiful Shari - great work. Most of the time ideas will just pop into my head, but sometimes I get inspiration from Pinterest and other blogs. Have a good day. :)

  4. It's a beautiful cushion Shari, I love both sides. Sometimes I have an idea in my head which just grows and then I just have to go with it, but mostly I see something while I'm browsing and I just have to make it. I know how you feel about starting up a shop Shari, I think when you have to make something it becomes a chore not a pleasure. :)

  5. Such a gorgeous cushion! So elegant. I get my ideas from lots of places too although sometimes something will just pop into my head!
    Marianne x

  6. The cushion is gorgeous Shari, I just might have to make one as I have the cream cotton and the pillow form already. I love Ravelry, there is so mcuh to see on that sight, and if you are on Pinterest so many patterns link back to Ravelry. Many patterns are free so that is an added bonus. I find much inspiration on both sites and sometimes something just pops into my head.
    Hugs to you and Happy Sunday,

  7. Both sides of the pillow are so lovely, Shari! I made a few pillows using a large count needlepoint canvas and thick creme colored yarn. I loved the simple but elegant effect and never thought about creating a similar pattern with crochet as you have. Thanks for sharing! I love Googling images to find projects that interest me :) I think I just saw on line that you may be getting ice/snow! If you do, I hope you and yours are not troubled by it :) xx

  8. I absolutely love your new cushion Shari. It's beautiful! I'm on Ravelry too as BetsyQ. Please look me up as a friend if you want to.

  9. Your cushion is so pretty! I like the circle in a square look. xx

  10. Thank you so much for showing us that beautiful cushion now completed to perfection Shari, and Yes, I LOVE it too! I wish you well with Ravelry and I'm sure you'll have good times there - I joined a while ago but never seem to have time to keep things up do date or do much browsing on the site - it really bothers me how time seems to drift away from me, often with not much to show for it! Have a wonderful week, hugs, Joy xo

  11. Your pillow turned out great and the blanket you are working on looks pretty in the background. Hope your week is off to a great start. Heather

  12. Beautiful as ever Shari. i have granny squares ready for a cushion, I just need to do the back. Jo x

  13. What a beautiful cushion cover Shari! I just love it all white and soft. I was also thinking you could slip a soft coloured cushion in there too and it would show through all the tiny holes. This is why I keep thinking about learning crochet ... for the wonderful cushions & granny square blankets you can make. I'm on Ravelry too, but have trouble linking things up from my blog. I love looking through the Ravelry patterns as there are so many good ones that are free to use ... so helpful! Have a great week :) Wendy x

  14. This cushion is so gorgeous, I just love the elegance of it. I have not ventured onto Etsy either because I feel I would need to have a good supply of 'stock' to make it worth my while. I am not the quickest at finishing my projects (I work at a full time job) and like you I enjoy going at my own pace and enjoying the making without any pressure. I am on Ravelry and I love it, I find it a great reference point for my past projects (checking gauge, hook size, yarn, yardage etc) and of course my 'yarn on hand' is all in one place. I scour the internet too for inspiration, it can take a while, and just like you I know when I find something that inspires me.