February 26, 2014

This week......

has been crazy!  
I really don't have much new to share except I finally finished the binding of a quilt I made last year! It came out......

" P  E  R  F  E  C  T "

 which rarely happens for me when binding a quilt. I always mess up on the corners....but not this time. Each one was smooth sailing!

I am also happy to report that we are having signs of Spring!!  It's still dark and dreary on most days along with a lot of rain, but it's not stopping new buds and blooms from showing new life from Winter.

 I am getting so excited now!

 I want to get out and work more in my flower beds along our fence line but I might have to wait just a bit longer. We are due for another round of freezing rain coming in over night tonight...yuck!
Even thought I have enjoy all my cozy days wrapped up in warm blankets and cozy socks, scarves,& mittens~ I think it's high time we all get a little warm weather, Don't you agree???

I did however, manage to get a few more rows on my knitting needle. I do think I am the slowest knitter in the book of records. I kept knitting and knitting and when I stand back and look...it doesn't look like I am getting anywhere. I even watched several videos on how to improve my speed but that was a flop. I guess I will forever be a "thrower" and a slow one at that.

Well I hope you all are having a lovely week. It's almost over. I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing!
Are we entitled to have days of "nothing?" Well, if not....I declare that we as mothers...have them from time to time!!!
The kids have seem to be more needy and so has the husband. Lauren's volleyball off season has started so that means late nights at the gym again and my mother gave us a little scare
Last Tuesday and she had to have a over night hospital stay. Actually, she was there until yesterday. Exactly one week. But.....I am happy to report that she is doing much better and now at home resting.
 Now it's time for me time. Doing what I love the most.

Enjoy the rest of your week too and thanks for stopping in today!
xx Shari


  1. Shari: Although crochet is must faster than knitting...I have been a thrower since childhood and a while back watched Very pink knits video on flicking! My main goal is to not take my right hand off my needle. It has changed my knitting style! I took a continental class because everyone says its faster for a person who crochet's to learn not so! So I decided to keep my throwing style and just make small adjustments! look up flicking on you tube give it a try!

  2. I love the quilt Shari - very nice. I'm like you - I am so ready for Spring time. :)

  3. Congratulations on that beautiful quilt! Practice makes perfect, eh? It's lovely...as are all the other photos in this post. But it sounds like you definitely need a Nothing Day - we have them in our home, too! http://chrissiecrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/recipe-for-nothing-day.html
    Wishing your girl comfort at home, and some rest for you as well! Chrissie x


  4. Hi Shari
    I so love your blog for all your beautiful muted and calm colours - just gorgeous.
    Have a good few days of enjoying nothingness
    Kate x

  5. Wishing you all well, I think Spring has Finally Sprung here too the last couple of days
    Clare x

  6. Hi Shari, Spring has definitely NOT arrived at my house, but I'm definitely ready for it. More snow predicted for us in the days to come and over 12 inches in the past few days. Ick! Your quilt is lovely. Borders are what deals me fits too, but I've given up on the mitered corners and have been doing the straight corners and that's working better for me. So sorry to hear about your mom and hope she is doing much better now. Enjoy your "me" time. It's important!

  7. Glad your Mum is doing well x I am also the slowest knitter! It is frustrating, but you seem to be able to tackle patterns!!! Already ahead of me hehe! Your quilt looks gorgeous and so do the little blossoms x

  8. Your quilt is beautiful! :) I wish your mother well!
    V x

  9. Lovely quilt.....very nice.Have a great weekend you too... ;)

  10. Once again your pics are a sight to behold Shari - beautiful! Your quilt is wonderful, I love it, and the muted colours so very nice. Your knitting skills may be a bit slow at the moment but you will quicken up in time and the good thing is, your tension is very neat and even and that is so important, so well done! Speed will follow! Yes, really!
    I'm wishing you warm sunny weather and quiet times for yourself, and do hope your Mum is soon completely recovered! Hugs, Joy xo

  11. Love that quilt the busy fabric in the darker shade really makes the whole thing pop. How wonderful. Jo x

  12. Gorgeous quilt! So sorry that your Mum has been unwell, wishing her a speedy recovery. Best wishes, Pj x

  13. I LOVE your beautiful soft and sunny photos, Shari! Your quilt is so sweet and the subtle colours are lovely. Knitting is slow after crochet, but gradually you will gain speed :) I'm sorry your mother has been ill, and hope she will soon be better.
    Helen xox

  14. Of course you deserve some wonderful time off, you have had a lot on your plate lately, enjoy your time.

  15. Your collection of photographs lift my heart and tell me Spring is surely not too far away now, it is intermittently springlike here in the UK, showing promise with longer days and the occasional glimmer of sunshine. How lovely that the binding of your quilt gave you no trouble, it is a beautiful quilt and I'm so envious of your talent. The fabrics you have used go so well together and it is expertly made.
    I am hoping for some small progress in my garden this weekend, it is a major project going on with my garden and because it is being done when weather permits and when time allows it seems to be taking forever.

  16. Your quilt is gorgeous (of course!), and I love the simple colours and pattern. Your photos are always so lovely, and now with live blossoms!! You're very lucky. I woke up to -20C this morning, and still lots of snow heaped on the ground. At least the sun has been shining, so indoors is bright & cheery. I'm a slow knitter too, but whatever, I like knitting, and speed isn't something I'm concerned about ... knitting is my slow-down time ;) Hope your mom is still ok and that you're able to give her lots of care. Enjoy your weekend, Wendy x

  17. Did you know that I always have a beautiful visit with you, Shari? Thank you for creating and sharing the beauty around you, even when life challenges you with worries. I am so glad your mom is feeling better! I love seeing some of what you enjoy during your "me" time...and then unselfishly share with us so we can enjoy it, too. xx