March 1, 2014

February round-up

It was a slow month this past February due to all the big projects I had in the works but now that they are behind me I can start on new little things. I am still working on bunnies but this time they are crocheted. I tried knitting one but that was a toss...not quite there yet with knitting. Sorry I don't have any new pics of them just yet for they are in pieces. Maybe I can get things moving on that this weekend and show you next week.

But I did enjoy playing around with a lot of little pretty things around the house to keep my spirits up with all the darkness we have been living in. I think we saw one full day of sunshine during the whole month of February. It's that insane!!!!  ( don't let all this light in my photos full you...they were edited a lot so you could at least see them.)  Most days were pouring down rain so it was a bright gray cloudy light coming in my hard to work with you know.

Anyways, getting off track. I updated the old blog again. Really just my header. I love change so don't ever be surprised if it looks different all the time. I like to flow along with the seasons. Hopefully this month will bring us all some warmer weather and pretty sunshine.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!
xx Shari

I am leaving you with some of my favorite Flickr pictures also that I gathered up this morning. I can tell already I will be on there for a few hours today....soooo much happy inspiration!!!

1. good mail, 2. tea time, 3. Phone, 4. Knitted bunnies, 5. "mia", 6. 092620133735, 7. Crochet Christmas, 8. Knitting helped..., 9. lots of friday love!


  1. Soooo many beautiful pictures Shari and really looking forward to seeing your completed crocheted rabbits.
    Have a good weekend,
    Kate x

  2. Lovely photo, roll on spring time and some light and sunshine
    Clare x

  3. Lovely projects, Shari! and your photography is a delight :-)

  4. Please...where do I find the pattern for the little bunnies? I love your photos.

  5. Beautiful work. I enjoyed my visit. I'm new to crochet. Love the bunnies ... :)

  6. I love your pictures of your beautiful projects. I know what you mean about wishing for spring. I just saw on the news that we're to get 8-12 more inches of snow over the next two days. Ick. I'll be inside crocheting as much as possible.

  7. Oh all your work is fantabulous Shari - I love it all, you're a star! So sorry to hear your weather is still not sunshiny and do hope it arrives soon to brighten the spirits, but in the meantime your wonderful work is certainly a brightener from where I stand (or sit)!
    Warm hugs to you, Joy xo

  8. I loved learning about what you are working on, Shari, and thanks for the links to some of the projects that inspire you. You continue to inspire me :)

  9. Oh, such a pretty and inspiring post :-)
    Tracey xx

  10. Number 1. I wish I could work this blogging malarky to make mine somewhere near this beautiful(of course that would mean actually making tons of beautiful items and then taking gorgeous photos) Number 2 are you making a calender??? Please, please say yes as these round up pictures would look gorgeous in my home and would inspire me each time I looked at them! I would happily purchase a Stitch Pattern

  11. Beautiful pictures as always Shari, thanks for brightening my day.

    jen x

  12. I want those bunnies, and that cushion.

  13. Hi Shari,

    Beautiful blog and pretty stuff in here....

  14. I always love to visit here, have such beautiful pictures to share! I especially love those baby bunnies!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox