March 17, 2014

Blocks of Spring

Hi everyone!  Thank you all for all the lovely messages on my last post. I had started another blanket right after my shipment of yarn came in from Knit Picks. { It was all awesome!!} It's that kind of yarn that makes you feel all fuzzing inside.... just knowing when you start a project that it will be a good one from beginning all the way to ......the end!  It really is the most perfect blanket in my book.

My inspiration for this blanket came from our "MAYHAW TREE" that's out back. It has the most beautiful little flowers on it with a lot of thorns so you have to be careful when touching them or you will get stuck for sure!!!

There are different shades of green, pink, with light lavander in some spots, also brown, cream and whites but I did not use any of the white in the blanket. The main color I used was the cream...really marshmallow. Don't you just love that name. It even felt like marshmallows!!

 Anyways, there are 9 rows of 5inch granny squares with 7 squares in each row.  Using a ( G) crochet hook, I used the basic granny stitch square pattern on most of them but there are a few that are a little different.  For those, I started the granny square with only one round and then I used single crochets throughout with a sc, chain 2,sc in the corners until it measured the same size as the other squares. Soo so easy. I only made a few of those because I was running out of the cream color so if you decide to give this a go, just make sure you buy a few extra skeins of yarn for your main color.

At last but not least....I whip stitched all the squares together in the back loops only as I went along. I made sure once a square was finished that I left a long tail for the so called "whipping!!! "  Joining it this way surely made this blanket go by supper fast and before I knew it.....I'm done!

I did however finish it off with a single crochet border around in the cream and then with the fig color, I made a row of a sc, chain 3, skip two, sc into the next all the way around. Easy again, yet so simple! 

Overall, I am really loving this blanket! I highly recommend Knit Picks cotton yarn if you want something very veery soft and lightweight. It is by far the most wonderful cotton yarn "I" have ever used. I usually buy the Lilly's Cream&Sugar cotton yarn but this is so much softer!  Not to put down Lilly's cotton still is wonderful too but it's so much heavier. Now..... If you would like to see the colors choices I used please check out my last post. The pattern itself  is so easy really. If you have been crocheting some time, you will know to make the basic granny square but for those of you who do not just let me know and I will point you in the right direction on how to make them. 

Now what's next....I haven't a clue!   I hope you all have a lovely week and seeing signs of Spring. See you again soon......

xx Shari


  1. That is a beautiful blanket. I just love the soft shades you used and the random placement of colors. I've used Knit Picks "Dishie" cotton and love how soft it is. Also I have their interchangeable needles but I haven't bought the cotton yet. You're making me want to order some right now.

  2. The blanket is very lovely, Shari. and great for Spring cuddles :) Thanks for sharing how you constructed it and for creating this pretty post! xx

  3. I love it Shari - it's very pretty. I love the colors that you chose for it. :)

  4. Totally wonderful Shari I can't believe you have done it so fast. Jo x

  5. Its stunning Shari, absolutely stunning !
    The colours are so perfect together and doesn't it look made for the chair you have put it on. I can't believe you made it so quickly.
    And I completely get you when you describe the fuzzy feeling that comes with new wool and the start of a new project.
    Love, love, love your blog !
    Kate x

  6. Beautiful Shari, the colours are so pale and soft, and surely it was only 5 minutes ago you got that yarn?! So fast!
    Love it!
    Gill xx

  7. It's beautiful Shari I love the colours, I can't believe you have finished this so quickly! :) xx

  8. Wow...that's was quick, love it, the colours are beautiful! :)

  9. Hello Shari
    First of all I adore that photo of your son wrapped in the stunning! One day you will have to tell us how you managed to make such an impressive blanket in such a short amount of time. Perhaps you started as soon as you had that yarn in your hands??? Who could resist those lovely lovely colours!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. so adorale... I love love love the color scheme....!!

  11. Such a gorgeous creation Shari, I love the colours you chose and I think it looks beautiful draped over that lovely chair. Thanks for sharing the yarn with us too, it is always good to hear of some yarn. xoxo

  12. Hi Shari, the simplicity of this blanket is enhanced by your choice of colours and your perfect gauge, it is simply gorgeous. Your photographs are beautiful too especially the one where your son is wrapped up in the blanket.
    Thank you for your tip as regards "leave a long enough strand to whip stitch together through the back loops only". This is very useful to me as today I have started my very first granny square project. I am really excited about this project as at long last I am making something for myself. I am using a drops pattern and some lush drops cotton light yarn ...

    until next time
    my blog:

  13. Beautiful blanket - just love the colours!

  14. Gorgeous as always Shari!

  15. That chair...with that beautiful blanket draped over it...oh it's like one giant hug waiting to happen! I would love to sit down there, cover up, and not move for the entire day! :-) Thank you for sharing details of this lovely creation, and now I'm going to search for that yarn! If I can't get it here in the UK, luckily I can call my mom in PA and ask for a care package... ;-) Chrissie x

  16. Well what can I say Shari, another beautiful, soft and fuzzy, huggable, delightfully coloured blanket! Well done you - and sooooo fast I can hardly believe it! You have the very best model there too, and I do believe he has grown, AND sporting a lovely smart haircut too! I also love the blossoms that inspired you - how sweet they are! Happy hooking m'dear! Joy xo

  17. Love the blanket, gosh you are soooo fast. Little Garrett looks adorable wrapped up in all that crochet loveliness.

  18. Hey Shari, what a lovely blanket!! I love the colours you've used and wish we could get the yarn here in the UK ( I have found one uk seller for Knit Picks so maybe they will stock it soon) You are very fast at crocheting, I wish I could speed up :o) Have a fab day, Sam xxx

  19. Such a beautiful blanket Shari...I adore the soft colours. It is perfect.
    Marianne x

  20. Love, love, love this! I know you use a lot of cotton but when I have washed what I have made with cotton, it really pills! Any suggestions?

  21. Hello from Iceland! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad that I did. Your header is gorgeous and I have been having a good snoop around your previous posts :) This blanket has all my favorite colors in it. I love muted colors and made a similar blanket for my eldest girl only some of the purple I used are a little stronger. I also dont use cotton unless I am making little rag dolls or cushions. I use wool because it is light weight. I would love to try this cotton yarn since its a lightweight yarn.

    Your newest follower,

  22. Absolutely gorgeous...the colours are stunning and it looks wonderful to snuggle under.....Perfect!! Sarah xo

  23. Have come across your blog for the first time today. Love the colours of your blanket.

  24. This is a really gorgeous blanket...I love those colours and the soft texture of your lovely crochet! Such beautiful photos too, always a pleasure to visit here!
    Happy weekend, Shari.
    Helen xox

  25. That is one beautiful blanket. I love your colour choice.
    Love from Mum

  26. That is a beautiful blanket! I love the colors you chose to use.
    I am planning to make one myself. Can you tell me how many packs of each color you ordered?
    I want to make sure I order the right amount, so I don't run out of wool before I am done.
    Thank you :)