July 23, 2014


Today I've been sorting out my email pile of madness which contains several questions.....sooo, I thought it would be fun to just answer all these questions all in one post.

Also I've been playing around with the old blog making some little changes with it.  I hope you like it!!! 
I've changed the name just slightly and also I've taken down Bloglovin and Raverly links. I thought I would be using them often at first but over time I have come to the conclusion, I do not like those sites. Plus it's hard for me to keep them updated with everything else I do daily. If you follow me on Bloglovin, I think you might still updates from the blog but Raverly I will no longer be posting on there.

So,  back to the topic at hand.
Lets get started!

How long have you been crocheting?
I've been crocheting ever since I was a young teenager. My grandmother sat me down one day during my summer vacation with my cousin and older sister and taught me how to make the shell stitch.
I was so drawn to how pretty the stitch was that I have been crocheting ever since.

What is your favorite hook size you like to use?
I love using a size "G" crochet hook for it just seems to "fit" in my hand just right.
I have very small fingers and anything that is really much bigger than that just hurts my hands so I stick to the smaller ones when making my things.

Are blankets the only thing you make when you crochet?
No.  Even thought I make "several" blankets out of yarn I also love to quilt a few. Plus, I enjoy making other things out of yarn like pillows, scarves, socks, pot holders, bunnies, and baby clothes.
There really isn't a thing I would not tackle when it comes to crocheting......I guess you can say
"I'm Hooked".....haha.....get it!

What do you do with all your blankets?
Well. I have several stacked on a large bookcase in my craft room looking all pretty and some stacked in a antique cabinet in my living room . Some I give away to friends or family for special holidays, like birthdays and Christmas or I even give them away for baby showers.

Do you ever sell your blankets?
Yes, sometimes but not often. I prefer making them for our home. I also thought in the beginning of blogging that I would love to open up a little Etsy shop but for some reason I ventured away from that idea. I just don't want the hassle of orders. Plus, I get more enjoyment out of it just making them at my own pace.

Do you mind sharing your patterns?
No I do not mind sharing my patterns but sometimes I just don't have enough time in my day to write them all out much less put all that info on my blog.Truthfully, I get so frustrated when making tutorials or writing out patterns that they are few and far between posted here.

How long have you been knitting?
I've only been knitting for a couple of months. I've been teaching myself by watching Youtube
videos. At first I thought to myself  "How in the world am I ever going to learn this!" but I kept at it and now it is all falling into place.
 Loads of fun!

What type of yarn do you use?
I love to use Cotton!
It is my most favorite of all yarn to use but I also use Caron Yarns, Red Heart Yarns and Knit Picks Yarn. 

Well that pretty much sums up all the questions that I have come across so far. When I get to the end of my email pile and discover any more questions I will do this again.

I hope this answers most of your questions!




  1. I enjoyed reading your answers Shari. My Grandmother also taught me to crochet when I was 7. It's still my craft of choice although I do knit a lot too. I really like the colors in your knitted striped blanket. I wouldn't have thought to put them together but they work VERY well!

  2. Hi Shari, well done on learning to knit, I like to both knit and crochet and they're both totally different. Your garter stitch blanket is coming along splendidly
    and those colours are so cheerful. You have some lovely makes on your blog and I enjoy browsing through from time to time. I still use Ravelry for keeping track of yarn and projects but I do not use the forums at all. I also visit blogs through Bloglovin but mostly I keep up with people through google+ which I love using, oh and pininterest too.

    Your new layout looks great, have a great weekend xx

  3. Lovely to hear all about your crochet adventure Shari! :)
    V x

  4. It was interesting to read the answers to the questions Shari, I looked and we use the same size hook, but here it is called a 4mm! It seems to be a popular size doesn't it. Lovely to see some more of your blankets too. Did you like mine that I just finished? It is a big brighter than yours are! xx

  5. So lovely to find out a little more about you Shari, and I love your new header picture. I too love blankets and have them all over the house but I don't think I could ever make anything as utterly gorgeous as your little crochet bunny - I adore her, the colour, the yarn you used, her little bow - just gorgeous ! If she ever fancies a little holiday in the Uk just pop her in a parcel and send her straight over to me !!
    Have a lovely day Shari,
    Kate x

  6. How lovely to read this post Shari, you are so interesting and you know I love your blog and all your makes - so gentle and sweet! You really are making good progress with your knitting - I'm so glad you persevered with it after the initial struggle: well done! Hugs for you, Joyxo

  7. Your blog is looking lovely Shari, I enjoyed reading your answers it looks like we are all doing this right now, it's fun to find out more about each other. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing about yourself. Your work is always pretty. :-) Have a wonderful day. Heather

  9. Beautiful blog, beautiful projects, beautiful Shari! Thanks for posting :) xx

  10. Your blankets are cute.
    Good luck to you!

  11. Such a lovely post, Shari, wonderful to get to know more about you and your crochet! Your creations are simply wonderful, your colour palettes are perfection! Chrissie x

  12. Your blog is looking beautiful, thank you for sharing! Sarah xo

  13. Hello Shari,

    What a lovely way to get to know you a bit better! I love it that you follow your very own style!
    Enjoy your week ahead!
    Ingrid x

  14. Hola que tal? Me he dado una vuelta por tu blog y me encanta, me quedo como seguidora para no perderme ninguna entrada. Te dejo la dirección de mi blog por si quieres pasarte. Un saludo