January 15, 2015


It's grey. It's comfy. It's cozy. It's finished and it fits!!!!!

  I finished up Garrett's hat this week and I just love the way it turned out. I was a little worried at the beginning when I change from crochet to knit after the rim but you know what.....it's just awesome!
The rim stretches out just right to cover his ears and body of the hat fit's like a glove. Perfect!

Winter has certainly arrived here in Louisiana. Gosh, has it been cold. I know most of you are well into winter, most covered with snow, but here....down south, we are not used to such cold. It takes my breath away when we walk out. Lately, we've been bunkered down inside where it's nice and warm but today we actually were able to walk to the park. The sun peaked out somewhat which made it nice. It was a breath of fresh air to see since we all have been living in dark for the most part. Really and truly, January is not my favorite month just because it rains every single day until February. It's dark, gloomy, wet, muddy, and just down right yucky if you ask me. Any who, I will not let it damper my spirits. I'm still crafting away. I even started on my next knitted blanket and a quilt. I'll show a peak on them both later this week.
Until then.....I'm trying to stay warm and dry while dodging rain drops!



  1. Such a cute, cute hat Shari and the colour is perfect.
    Stay warm
    Kate xx

  2. Yes, it is a perfect fit, and so lovely ♥

  3. I hope that the weather is a lot less grey very soon! It is incredibly cold - for us - here right now so I am looking forward to warmer times too! xx

  4. The hat has turned out great Shari and grey goes with everything a perfect fit too. It's pretty cold here too I hate having to scrape the ice off my car. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  5. The hat is perfect. I love gray, besides white it's a favorite of mine to knit with. I agree with you January is the worst month except maybe for February, that one is really too much. I love to knit, but I'm really a summer girl. Hoping for sunshine for all of us.

  6. HI, I'm in Arkansas and yes it has been dark, gloomy and cold! I love the hat and he could be a brother to my grandson Uriah they look so similar! What a cutie pie!