May 3, 2015

stash busting

a little bit of stash busting on this lovely Sunday
is on my agenda for today.

lovely colors of all sorts thrown in to the mix

a little snack is always a must.
I'm such a muncher!

cotton is always a favorite too.

little puffy squares are already begin joined
as I go. So~ so loving those little puffs.
This will take some time but I will get there.
....a new blanket
with a lacy border

don't you just love stash busting
Keeping it simple just relaxes me.
so that's how it will be.

gota love photo bomers !!!
talk again later


  1. Love your new blanket! Adorable kittens! :)

  2. You're off to a pretty start, on your new blanket, Shari! And your kitten looks sooooo sweet :) I crocheted a headband pattern new to me this past week and hope to make one for each of my granddaughters. Wishing you and yours happy times in the week ahead! xx

  3. great use of your stash. It is going to be one lovely blanket...and fun to make :-)

  4. Your new blanket is looking very pretty so far - love the soft colors. :)

  5. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  6. Really nice pictures you've taken. the blanket will become a lovely one, I like your colour choice a lot. Viola