June 27, 2015

Summer Blues


Last couple of days have been slow. The heat is just too much for us. Our time has been spent mostly indoors laying around where it's been cool. I sort of feel like we went into hibernation. The house is a complete mess and so am I. No makeup for days. Hair in a messy bun. Complete lazy living. Garrett has taken over every inch of the living room with cars, trucks, trains, train-tracks, pillows, blankets, snacks, colors, and so much more.  I've knitted and baked hoping to chase these summer times blues away....it's not working!

I'll just eat another cookie~


  1. It's hard to imagine so much heat when we are still waiting for Summer over here Shari, I hope it cools down soon so that you and Gareth can get out and play, enjoy your cookies they look yummy. :) xx

  2. Our air-conditioner has really been getting a workout this summer here near Portland, OR....the hottest summer I have experienced since moving here nearly ten years ago. I'm sorry that you have been feeling sad...but am glad you were able to enjoy making a tasting those beautiful cookies :) xx


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