July 4, 2015

a crochet day | mini puff circles

Well, it looks as if I pulled myself out of my little pity party I had a few weeks ago. You see, I ran out of yarn almost a month ago which put me into such a depressed state. (Financial means caused my little problem) I really didn't think it was going to be all that bad. I did have other things to keep me occupied with but really, just knowing I was out of yarn made me severely sad. But thanks to a few sweet friends of mine ( you all know who you are ) I was able to dig myself free from depression.  Thank you all so much!!!

I dipped my fingers into all the pastel colors that I received...well, just about.!  I came up with a idea to make puffy little circles which later will be turned into squares to make another blanket.
Even thought we are in the middle of the most miserable heat wave, ever....my husband keeps the house so cold that I am dressed with socks and house robes, that I really don't mind working on it.

It's not really quite big enough to even call it a blanket, but soon....it will be.

Hundreds of puffs are being made with pretty greys, creams, soft yellow, mustard, and pinks. Ooooo, just look at them all!  They make me so happy. Happy. Happy. Content hours upon hours. Even some of the joining process has started, just to see how it's going to come out.
Can you see the BIG picture....the outcome is going to look so wonderful!!!


  1. Oh I love your blanket. The puff sircles are so nice, I am addicted to squares etc :)
    Have a nice day

  2. Love your little puffs Shari it's going to be a beautiful blanket. :) xx

  3. Beautiful! Very peaceful and soothing!

  4. Those little puffs look very pretty!

  5. I'm so glad that your loved ones cheered you up and were able to supply your with more yarn as well, Shari! I love seeing what you create with yarn and the views you capture with your camera. Thanks so much for sharing xx